Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2018

These Crypto Giants are a Bright Example of Progress

Many people saw only an opportunity for profit when cryptocurrencies started to become popular. Some crypto giants used this opportunity to help everyone

Avatar by Jul 26, 2018

Workers From Costa Rica Can Be Legally Paid in Cryptocurrencies

This is a very important step for cryptocurrencies around the world. Employees of Costa Rica are able to receive virtual currencies as salary for their work. But the important fact here is that everything is compliant with current laws. 

Avatar by Jul 25, 2018

London Police To Train On Cryptocurrency Amid Money Laundering Concerns

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have been used to launder money, and unfortunately, they have proven to be much better than traditional money laundering methods. Be it the original laundry business, washing them away in casinos, or the very modern Cayman account method, nothing comes close to cryptocurrencies. For this reason, different organizations, agencies, and […]

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Just 1 in 10 Spanish Citizens Own Any Kind of Cryptocurrencies

Most of us know what cryptocurrencies are and how they have been expanding all over the world. An important number of individuals entered the market right after the incredible bull run experienced back in 2017. In December 2017, Bitcoin reached $20,000 and the whole market was operating positively.

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Technical Analysis: 3 Technical Indicators for Trading Breakouts with Bitcoin

One of the most effective market timing strategies is trading breakouts from tight consolidation ranges. The reason that this methodology works is because markets tend to move from periods…

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MegaPawnShop – Providing Lending Services Since 2012

During the last years, the cryptocurrency market has been expanding in many different ways. But some areas do still require some development and institutions to develop new products and services.