Carlos Terenzi by Jul 16, 2018

Spanish Company Creates a Perfume Inspired on Bitcoin

Bitcoin worked as an inspirational topic for artists and technology companies to create amazing things.

Carlos Terenzi by Jul 14, 2018

Argentinian University Launches a New Free Course About Blockchain Technology

The Austral University in Argentina will be offering since July he 16th and during 5 weeks a free course called ‘La disrupción de la Blockchain’ (Blockchain Disruption). The main intention is spread the knowledge about this technology that powers virtual currencies. 

Carlos Terenzi by Jul 13, 2018

Spain and Colombia Dismantle Criminal Groups that Laundered Money Using Virtual Currencies

The Spanish Civil Guard and the Colombian Direction of Investigation were able to dismantle two criminal organizations that were in charge of laundering money using virtual currencies.

Steve Kaaru by Jul 10, 2018

What To Expect In July For Miners and Bitcoin Enthusiasts

So far in the first half of the year, bitcoin has been getting a beating; a beating so bad that it lost 70% of its value to hit bottom at around $5,800 from over $19,000. This has been a terrific time for bitcoin pessimists who’ve been running around calling it a scam and proclaiming ‘doomsday’ […]

Carlos Terenzi by Jul 10, 2018

Minivan Takes Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology Around Argentina and Latin America

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been expanding all over the world. And the same happened with blockchain technology, which is very important for several companies. In Argentina, there is a group of people that spreads the word about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in all the country and, in the future, in all Latin America. 

Ian Karamanov by Jul 6, 2018

Scams like Bitconnect and the Use of Social Media

Scams have always been a thorn in investors’ sight. The whole world recently saw what kind of an impact a scam like Bitconnect could have.