Avatar by Apr 28, 2019

The Growth In Crypto Betting

Since they were first introduced into the world, cryptocurrencies have become very popularin the online payment world. While some sites allow for cryptocurrencies to be used to purchase itemsfrom their stores, online casinos and betting sites have started allowing people to deposit funds using these currencies. Here, we are going to look at the growth of crypto […]

Ian Karamanov by Apr 24, 2019

BlockFi Already Manages Over $53 Million: Creating Wealth out of Crypto

BlockFi is a company that manages cryptocurrencies. Yes, that’s quite rare nowadays despite the crypto industry being online for nearly 10 years now

Ian Karamanov by Apr 5, 2019

Global Debt Destroying the Economy: Bitcoin to the Rescue

For the last 20 years, global debt has been growing at an alarming rate. The alarms are already going off, but no one seems to notice before it becomes

Avatar by Mar 25, 2019

A Break Down of Ripple Potential, Price Prediction

The world’s top cryptocurrency excanges generate $3 million of daily profit. Annual revenue of the exchanges reach billions of dollars based on daily trading volume and fees listed. While the sustained profitability of the current top ten exchanges remains unknown, cryptocurrency’s price volatility certainly affects trading volumes and revenues for the exchange platforms. Increases in […]

Ian Karamanov by Mar 20, 2019

Bitcoin ATM: The First of Many in Dubai

The Amhora company has given Dubai its first bitcoin ATM. The kiosk is the first of hopefully many bitcoin ATMs located in the Rixos Premium

Ian Karamanov by Feb 26, 2019

Restore Trust in Crypto Institutions and Law Enforcement

To restore trust in both law enforcement and crypto institutions, will be a long and hard process. Bitfinex and the US law enforcement have done the first