Ian Karamanov by Oct 30, 2018

W3C Working on Ways to Implement Lightning on Browsers

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) aims to have lightning imlemented in the most popular browsers. This move will definitely increase the adoption process

Ian Karamanov by Oct 29, 2018

Double-Spending: The Issue Which Opened up a Way to a New Financial Structure

With the issue of double-spending being solved, a lot of developers saw the road leading to the financial future. We can see the signs 10 years after bitcoin’s emerging

Avatar by Oct 27, 2018

Spanish Government Expects Crypto Users To Identify Themselves for Taxing Purposes

The Spanish government is searching for different ways to regulate virtual currencies and tax users. According to some reports, the Spanish government has approved a draft law that would obligate crypto holders to identify themselves and inform their exact holdings.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2018

Shenzhen Court Rules For Bitcoin Transactions In China

Contrary to previous notions held by many, a court in Shenzen has ruled that Bitcoin transactions can go on – seemingly – which means that we can expect to see Bitcoin transactions take an upward graph plotting and a reflection in prices in the coming weeks.

Avatar by Oct 26, 2018

Binance Launches Platform in Uganda and Changpeng Zhao Donates $500k to Charities

Binance has decided to expand its trading platform to the African continent. This time, the selected country has been Uganda. It will be possible for users in the country to purchase and sell virtual currencies for Ugandan shilling.

Avatar by Oct 24, 2018

Bitcoin ETF Advocates Hold Closed-Door Meeting With SEC

A number of documents released by the SEC indicate that it met with some official representatives from SolidX, VanEck, and CBOE Global Markets to have closed-door discussions on how to push further with a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund. It wasn’t until two weeks later when the SEC released a memo of the meeting that the public had a glimpse of what ensued in secret.