Pascal Huegli by Dec 15, 2017

Bubble talk is cheap talk

Referencing “Greater fool theory” and uttering terms like irrational, bubble or tulipmania in the context of Bitcoin’s amazing run is not entirely wrong. Nevertheless it might be a great example of shallow criticism missing the broader picture.

Pascal Huegli by Dec 10, 2017

Initial Coin Offering – for rebels

A new financing option for start-ups is making the rounds: The Initial Coin Offering. Everything you need: an idea, a token and good marketing.

Kaia by Dec 9, 2017

Bitcoin ICO Explained

Have you recently felt a noticeable wave of change in the investment landscape? Not very long ago, Bitcoin was shrugged off as ignoble.

Pascal Huegli by Nov 30, 2017

Will Bitcoin Futures spoil Bitcoin’s future?

What will Bitcoin futures bring? Will it spoil Bitcoin revolutionary potential or will it finally lead Bitcoin into mass adoption?

Stefan Stankovic by Nov 25, 2017

Cryptocurrency regulation and Jurisdictional arbitrage

We live in a world that has been permanently changed by the internet. This new technology changed the way in which people interact and perform commercial transactions. Taking this scenario into consideration, the citizens of the internet have begotten a new technology that revolutionized how payments systems work: the Cryptocurrency. 

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Nov 24, 2017

Cryptocurrencies in the Eastern World

Cryptocurrencies continue to grow daily, easily breaking boundaries of possibilities that we know, like a hot knife cuts through butter. Just this past week we saw bitcoin, probably the most popular of them all, rise above a record $8,000 despite hacks, and high uncertainties about its safety that were expressed by many industry analysts from […]

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