Ian Karamanov by Feb 22, 2019

Full Crypto: Now is Not the Optimal Time According to Musk

Choosing when to go full crypto can be gamechanging for a company. Even though Musk is a supporter of cryptocurrencies, he believes that the right time is

Peio Purlev by Feb 21, 2019

Elon Musk: Bitcoin’s structure is quite brilliant and a better way to transfer value

Elon Musk spoke recenty and referred to Bitcoin as a quite brilliant structure and a far better way to transfer value than pieces of paper. Elon Musk has…

Peio Purlev by Feb 20, 2019

Bitcoin transaction fees reached their lowest price level since 2015

A recent report from the Blockchain and Digital currency research company Diar shows that transaction fees for Bitcoin (BTC) on-chain transactions are at a new low…

Ian Karamanov by Feb 11, 2019

Crypto Bandwagon: This is Only the Beginning of the Beginning

With the current market state, a lot of people believe they missed the best opportunities to hop on the crypto bandwagon. Changpeng Zhao however, believes

Ian Karamanov by Jan 31, 2019

Crypto Winter to Turn Nuclear if Price Drops Below $3000

The current crypto winter according to Jimmy Lingham can turn nuclear if there is a price drop below $3000. The strong buy walls from crypto exchanges are

Peio Purlev by Jan 29, 2019

Bitcoin is the perfect Digital Currency to survive a Nuclear apocalypse

Charlie Shrem is a Crypto pioneer and he strongly believes that Bitcoin will have a leading role in a possible future devastated by nuclear war. Bitcoin has the potential to…