Ian Karamanov by Aug 16, 2019

No Deal Brexit Will Increase Bitcoin Importance in the Global Economy

When it comes to bitcoin, the majority of analysts consider it a safe haven during very important political events. A no deal brexit will result in bitcoin prices

Ian Karamanov by Aug 9, 2019

Tether Whales Are Over 300 and They CAN Influence Bitcoin’s Price

It seems that there are a lot less tether whales than bitcoin and ethereum ones but the tether whales seem to hold the ability to influence the price of

Ian Karamanov by Aug 2, 2019

Bitcoin Suisse Conducted a BTC Transaction at Record Altitude

Crypto Enthusiasts from Bitcoin Suisse set out to test their nerves and break some records when they decided to conduct the highest so far

Avatar by Aug 1, 2019

Dark Web Drug Dealer Must Relinquish $4 Million in Crypto

A dark web drug dealer must relinquish $4 million in assets including bitcoin after he confessed to charges of illegal tax avoidance and involvement in a scheme used to distribute controlled substances

Avatar by Jul 23, 2019

Bitcoin Futures by Bakkt has Begun Official Testing

The official testing of the bitcoin futures delivery by Bakkt is now undergoing official testing. The general outlook from experts remains positive as

Ian Karamanov by Jun 28, 2019

Taxes via Bitcoin: Ohio Currently Offering Some Options

The American Tax system is quite complicated. Some states like Ohio, have decided to experiment and allowed people to pay their state taxes via bitcoin