Ian Karamanov by Jun 18, 2019

Bitcoin Daily Active Addresses Jump Over 1 Million: Answering Skeptics

Recent data shows that bitcoin daily active addresses have been increasing steadily and are now well above 1 million. A few skeptics however, believe

Ian Karamanov by Jun 13, 2019

Bitcoin Theft has to be Answered Personally by Craig Wright

One of the biggest scandals in the crypto community might seal Craig Wright’s fate. The controversial computer scientist is accused of a bitcoin theft

Ian Karamanov by May 27, 2019

GlobalCoin: Facebook Is Hard at Work on Bitcoin’s Replacement

The little-known Project Libra can potentially turn out to be something that shakes the very world of finance and crypto. GlobalCoin is the rumored

Avatar by May 22, 2019

Teen Crypto Millionaire on Bitcoin Issues: Arrogance or Truth

Erik Finman is more known to the world as the teen crypto millionaire. Finman made his first bitcoin purchase when he was only 12 years old and since then

Ian Karamanov by May 7, 2019

Heisenberg Capital: Bitcoin is in a League of its Own

According to Heisenberg Capital, the market will completely favor Bitcoin from here on out. The difference between Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies