Bitcoin Price

Ian Karamanov by Aug 29, 2018

Illegal Mining: Fast Money, Cheap Electricity and Almost no Regulations

With illegal mining picking up steam and elecricity prices remaining high, it’s normal that alternative mining options are becoming popular

Ian Karamanov by Aug 14, 2018

Market Crashing! Is This the Right Time to Invest?

The markets crashing can be a nightmare for many people and a once in a lifetime opportunity for others. Cryptocurrencies are falling to record lows for 2018

Ian Karamanov by Jul 31, 2018

These Crypto Giants are a Bright Example of Progress

Many people saw only an opportunity for profit when cryptocurrencies started to become popular. Some crypto giants used this opportunity to help everyone

Ian Karamanov by Jul 17, 2018

Economics in Universities and in Reality. Who Stands Against Progress?

Universities used to have prestige and class about them. Nowadays, especially regarding economics things need a lot of improvement.

Avatar by Jun 26, 2018

Good and bad news! Bitcoin Price is going up in 2018, but will fall in 2019!

By the end of 2018, i expect that Bitcoin Price will go up far easier. Maybe we can see a bigger peak to Bitcoin’s price. In 2019, it will go surely go down, because of this: