Bitcoin Price

Ian Karamanov by Jun 10, 2019

Ban Bitcoin ATMs: Money Laundering Blamed on Crypto ATMs

The problem with money laundering seems to only be growing in size. When governments however, decide to wash their hands and ban bitcoin ATMs, the situation

Avatar by Jun 10, 2019

Optimistic Crypto Forecasts: The Next Few Years Could be Wild

The is slowing down. After bitcoin climbed from $3K to almost $9K things are beginning to stagnate a bit. Optimistic crypto forecasts however, are

Ian Karamanov by May 29, 2019

Bitcoin Whales and Their Position as Immovable Objects

There’s a clear misunderstanding when it comes to bitcoin whales and crypto whales in general. Most people associate bitcoin whales with hoarding wealth

Avatar by May 27, 2019

Bitcoin Dead Cat Bounce: Crypto Skeptics Pessimistic About Price Rally

It’s no secret to anyone that volatility is incredibly common when it comes to crypto. The recent price surge however, is viewed as a dead cat bounce by

Ian Karamanov by May 8, 2019

Bitcoin Fees Are Skyrocketing: Lightning Network is Growing

Bitcoin fees have seen a steady increase which has reached 250%. While bitcoin’s price isn’t remotely close to its 2017 bull run levels, there are

Ian Karamanov by Apr 3, 2019

Riot Blockchain Is Not Rising Only Because of Bitcoin

All eyes are on Bitcoin, especially when the price quickly rises. There are also big winners like Riot blockchain who carefully evade the spotlight