Bitcoin Price

by Nov 11, 2019

Flippening Predicted by Bobby Lee: Bitcoin Will Replace Gold

According to Bobby Lee, a “flippening” will occur within the next 9 years and Bitcoin will surpass gold by market cap. Currently, the precious metal’s

by Oct 28, 2019

Rapid Recovery for Bitcoin: Volatile Week with Good Ending

The week did not start very promising for bitcoin but a very rapid recovery followed the announcement of Chinese President Xi Jingping, which ultimately

by Oct 24, 2019

Bitcoin Price Drop Did Not Appear Out of Thin Air: Possible Reasons

Yesterday’s bitcoin price drop is not the first for the last few months and it certainly did not come as the shock mass media outlets aim to create

by Oct 14, 2019

Binance Coin is the Biggest Winner From a Week of Slight Gains

Binance Coin (BNB) is the clear winner from a week with slight to moderate gains for the majority of top 20 cryptocurrencies.

by Oct 11, 2019

Bitcoin Futures on the Bakkt Platform Soar 796% in One Day

The bitcoin futures on the ICE Bakkt platform broke all records when on October 9th, there were a total of 224 contracts, which is a 796% growth from the

by Oct 9, 2019

Biggest HODLers in Crypto Revealed: Crypto Exchanges

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the biggest HODLers in the crypto world are the crypto exchanges. Slowly, over time, many of the top crypto

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