Bitcoin Price

Ian Karamanov by Aug 16, 2019

No Deal Brexit Will Increase Bitcoin Importance in the Global Economy

When it comes to bitcoin, the majority of analysts consider it a safe haven during very important political events. A no deal brexit will result in bitcoin prices

Ian Karamanov by Aug 8, 2019

Max Keiser: Very Optimistic on Bitcoin Dominance and Bitcoin in General

Max Keiser has recently stated that he has very big faith placed in Bitcoin dominance. He also mentioned that altcoins are not doing to well and if things

Avatar by Jul 23, 2019

Bitcoin Futures by Bakkt has Begun Official Testing

The official testing of the bitcoin futures delivery by Bakkt is now undergoing official testing. The general outlook from experts remains positive as

Ian Karamanov by Jul 17, 2019

Bitcoin Dip: What Caused it and What Will Change it Back

A week ago, bitcoin was worth $13.2K and 7 days later at press time, it’s worth exactly $9524. The bitcoin dip in price is also joined by Coinbase.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 27, 2019

Coinbase Crash Stopped the Bitcoin Party: Coinbase Has No Brakes

The bitcoin train had to hit the brakes after the Coinbase crash became public. After the issue was resolved, Bitcoin had already lost over $1400

Ian Karamanov by Jun 25, 2019

Next Bitcoin Goal is $12K: The Crypto Summer is Just Starting

The crypto summer seems to be blazing hot and the next bitcoin goal seems to be $12K. If the price keeps its rate of growth however, we can expect