Bitcoin Price

Ian Karamanov by Apr 3, 2019

Riot Blockchain Is Not Rising Only Because of Bitcoin

All eyes are on Bitcoin, especially when the price quickly rises. There are also big winners like Riot blockchain who carefully evade the spotlight

Avatar by Mar 25, 2019

A Break Down of Ripple Potential, Price Prediction

The world’s top cryptocurrency excanges generate $3 million of daily profit. Annual revenue of the exchanges reach billions of dollars based on daily trading volume and fees listed. While the sustained profitability of the current top ten exchanges remains unknown, cryptocurrency’s price volatility certainly affects trading volumes and revenues for the exchange platforms. Increases in […]

Ian Karamanov by Mar 13, 2019

Groestlecoin With a Huge Surge in Price Thanks to MasterCard

With a huge surge in price, Groestlecoin proved that the world is patiently waiting for new crypto developments. The new crypto debit card offers

Ian Karamanov by Feb 18, 2019

Crypto Bull Run: The Next One Will be Remembered

The next crypto bull run is hyped to be one of epic proportions by many crypto bulls. Some investors caught the wave and invested early, but didn’t cash out during the all-time high.

Ian Karamanov by Feb 13, 2019

BNB: How did this Cryptocurrency Rise During the Bear Market

For the first time in its history, Binance Coin became one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the increasingly popular strategy of burning tokens

Ian Karamanov by Feb 11, 2019

Crypto Bandwagon: This is Only the Beginning of the Beginning

With the current market state, a lot of people believe they missed the best opportunities to hop on the crypto bandwagon. Changpeng Zhao however, believes