Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever cryptocurrency, developed and released by an unknown programmer or programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies to the world in 2008 and since then a digital currency revolution has started. That’s why Bitcoin news became so important. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer and open-source digital currencies or tokens that use blockchain technology or other distributed ledger technology, thus eliminating third party involvement. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of blockchain technology and added a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol for increased security.
Bitcoin has proven many times that it’s the most valuable cryptocurrency from the whole digital currency economy. Bitcoin gradually became the digital gold for the whole economy, acting as a store of value in Bear markets. The maximum Bitcoins that will be mined is 21 million BTC and in time the digital currency will become scarce, increasing in value with time. Scalability is the biggest problem that Bitcoin is facing, but with the introduction of more and more technology improvements, only time will show the true potential of Bitcoin.

Avatar by May 4, 2018

Lawsuit Against Roger Ver And Dropped

The Bitcoin (BTC) vs. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rivalry has been heated for quite some time now. Bitcoin proponents have termed the BCH community as one that’s out to mislead people by using the Bitcoin name. The BCH community has in return termed Bitcoin as slow and more costly to transact in. This rivalry culminated in […]

Avatar by May 4, 2018

MasterCard Registers Fewer Gains During First Quarter Due to Fewer Crypto Purchases

MasterCard has registered a drop on its gains due to the fact that there have been less cryptocurrency purchases with the famous credit card. The information has been released by CNBC on May the 3rd.

Avatar by May 3, 2018

South Korea Ready to Legalize Some New Initial Coin Offerings

South Korea may be ready to start easing its hard position towards Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). Back in October, South Korea decided to ban all Initial Coin Offerings in the country. The country’s Financial Services Commission (FSC) said that investments in cryptocurrencies ‘are being pushed into a non-productive speculative direction.’

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Iran Works On its Own Cryptocurrency After Totally Banning Bitcoin

Iran is one of the countries that is developing its own virtual currency. The information has been releases just days after the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) banned bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The main concerns behind this decision were money laundering and price fluctuations.

Avatar by May 2, 2018

Pornhub, Pornx, And Playboy Start Accepting Crypto

Finally, “the future has come” – at least for those who have crypto coins and are sophisticated enough to pay using crypto for premier services in the area of the adult industry.  Like one of our friends, a builder, who has long been driving around in his van on the side of which was written: “Erection guaranteed”, the industrious businessmen from the […]

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The Great HODL Survey – Crypto Usage Habits

It is very important to know how cryptocurrency users from all over the world spend and use their virtual currencies. This is why Rad Card decided to conduct a survey in which they asked crypto users from all around the world about their habits spending virtual currencies.