Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever cryptocurrency, developed and released by an unknown programmer or programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies to the world in 2008 and since then a digital currency revolution has started. That’s why Bitcoin news became so important. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer and open-source digital currencies or tokens that use blockchain technology or other distributed ledger technology, thus eliminating third party involvement. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of blockchain technology and added a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol for increased security.
Bitcoin has proven many times that it’s the most valuable cryptocurrency from the whole digital currency economy. Bitcoin gradually became the digital gold for the whole economy, acting as a store of value in Bear markets. The maximum Bitcoins that will be mined is 21 million BTC and in time the digital currency will become scarce, increasing in value with time. Scalability is the biggest problem that Bitcoin is facing, but with the introduction of more and more technology improvements, only time will show the true potential of Bitcoin.

Carlos Terenzi by May 1, 2018

The Great HODL Survey – Crypto Usage Habits

It is very important to know how cryptocurrency users from all over the world spend and use their virtual currencies. This is why Rad Card decided to conduct a survey in which they asked crypto users from all around the world about their habits spending virtual currencies.

Nikita Kosmin by May 1, 2018

Goldman Sachs, Barclays Go Over Cryptocurrency Prospects

The future has come indeed! Barclays, one of the most reputable, trusted and sophisticated banks in the world, is getting ready to go crypto-active. We have to tell you, we have suspected from the beginning: the big B on the front kind of gave it away. Well, ok, maybe we didn’t but  Barclays are officially […]

Carlos Terenzi by Apr 30, 2018

Securities and Exchange Commission Searches for Moderated Regulations on ICOs

Regulations on virtual currencies and Initial Coin Offerings are expanding everywhere. And the United States remains one of the countries that everyone is looking at in terms of regulations. But the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said on April the 26h that they disagree with a hard approach towards ICOs.

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 30, 2018

Can Coinone Legally Gain A Foothold In Indonesia?

It may just be a coincidence, but more of our predictions are coming true: Coinone, one of the more promising exchanges around, is soon to open in Indonesia. Coinone is one of the biggest exchanges in South Korea, and, in their expansion, they are similar to Edencoin, who has an office in Korea but also […]

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 29, 2018

ELIGMA: AI+Blockchain Create A Perfect Shopping Trip

​ ELIGMA CEO Dejan Roljic describes the idea behind his platform and it sounds very intriguing. We have been very interested in everything to do with Artificial Intelligence for some time now (a very promising area) and thus what happens when you combine blockchain and AI is very appealing to us on many levels. Eligma […]

Nikita Kosmin by Apr 28, 2018

Thoughts? Brian Kelly: Bitcoins Are Like The Internet In The 80’s

Brian Kelly is the portfolio manager of BKCM Digital Asset Fund and the CEO of BKCM. BKCM deals with some grand numbers, involving digital assets in macroeconomics, and handles strategizing on a large scale (with a minimum investment threshold of $250 000), so we recommend you take them seriously. You may have heard us pitch idea […]