Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever cryptocurrency, developed and released by an unknown programmer or programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies to the world in 2008 and since then a digital currency revolution has started. That’s why Bitcoin news became so important. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer and open-source digital currencies or tokens that use blockchain technology or other distributed ledger technology, thus eliminating third party involvement. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of blockchain technology and added a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol for increased security.
Bitcoin has proven many times that it’s the most valuable cryptocurrency from the whole digital currency economy. Bitcoin gradually became the digital gold for the whole economy, acting as a store of value in Bear markets. The maximum Bitcoins that will be mined is 21 million BTC and in time the digital currency will become scarce, increasing in value with time. Scalability is the biggest problem that Bitcoin is facing, but with the introduction of more and more technology improvements, only time will show the true potential of Bitcoin.

John Kumi by May 26, 2018

Tom Lee’s Optimistic Outlook to His prediction of Bitcoin Reaching 25k this Year.

Tom Lee who earlier predicted that Bitcoin would reach a record high is so optimistic about his predictions concerning the Bitcoin price, and he considers this fall as a “typical crypto volatility.”

Carlos Terenzi by May 25, 2018

Important Czech Utility Company Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Virtual currencies are being accepted every single day in more places. This time, one of the most important energy suppliers in the Czech Republic announced plans to start accepting cryptos from its customers.

Peio Purlev by May 25, 2018

India may soon impose 18% goods and services tax on cryptocurrencies

It seems that, after months of imposing a negative narrative on cryptocurrencies, the Indian government may soon impose a GST tax on cryptocurrency trading. It is reported by Bloomberg, that the GST tax or goods and services tax will be 18%, and it will include digital currency trades, despite the fact that the…

Carlos Terenzi by May 25, 2018

Singapore Wants to Attract Cryptocurrency Exchanges with New Regulations

As cryptocurrencies expand, some countries are working so as to attract more and more companies to their territories. And this is the case of Singapore. The Monetary Authority of Singapore is looking to make some regulatory changes so as to be a better option for companies to settle their operations in the Asian country.

Carlos Terenzi by May 24, 2018

CheapAir Travel Booking Site Accepts Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dash for Purchases

Good news for the cryptocurrency space. CheapAir, an important company that sells different travel services (including plane tickets), will accept payments in Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dash (DASH).

John Kumi by May 23, 2018

Cryptocurrencies Break into the Islamic World amidst Sharia Debate

With respect to the different views concerning its functions, another debate has risen in the Islamic world as Scholars seem not to come into agreement with its use with respect to the Sharia law.