Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News: Bitcoin (BTC) is the first ever cryptocurrency, developed and released by an unknown programmer or programmers named Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of cryptocurrencies to the world in 2008 and since then a digital currency revolution has started. That’s why Bitcoin news became so important. Cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer and open-source digital currencies or tokens that use blockchain technology or other distributed ledger technology, thus eliminating third party involvement. The Bitcoin whitepaper introduced the concept of blockchain technology and added a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus protocol for increased security.
Bitcoin has proven many times that it’s the most valuable cryptocurrency from the whole digital currency economy. Bitcoin gradually became the digital gold for the whole economy, acting as a store of value in Bear markets. The maximum Bitcoins that will be mined is 21 million BTC and in time the digital currency will become scarce, increasing in value with time. Scalability is the biggest problem that Bitcoin is facing, but with the introduction of more and more technology improvements, only time will show the true potential of Bitcoin.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 16, 2019

VeriBlock and the Accusations About False Spam Transactions

Some data about recent bitcoin on-chain transactions, has lead many people to believe that VeriBlock is flooding the network with spam transactions

Avatar by Jul 11, 2019

Bithoven Exchange Announces New Margin Trading Services For Users After Several Requests

Due to several requests made by users, the cryptocurrency exchange Bithoven decided to launch new margin trading services for traders. This is expected to help individuals to improve their performance in the market with a wide range of tools and by using leverage. There are 14 trading pairs to trade with margin and a 1:20 […]

Avatar by Jul 4, 2019

Electricity Consumption of the Bitcoin Network Shows Interesting Facts

Academic researchers from the University of Cambridge have developed a real-time index that shows the total electricity consumption of the bitcoin network

Ian Karamanov by Jul 3, 2019

Illegal Bitcoin Transactions a Minority: Dark Web Mostly Uses Bitcoin

Illegal bitcoin transactions have been in the mouths of politicians and bankers ever since bitcoin was created. It seems however, that illegal crypto

Ian Karamanov by Jun 27, 2019

Coinbase Crash Stopped the Bitcoin Party: Coinbase Has No Brakes

The bitcoin train had to hit the brakes after the Coinbase crash became public. After the issue was resolved, Bitcoin had already lost over $1400

Avatar by Jun 27, 2019

Buyback Plan Announcement by TRON: Going Forward

The newly announced buyback plan by TRON will target the issues with market stability and security. After the Odyssey v3.6 MainNet upgrade, TRON