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Carlos Terenzi by Dec 18, 2017

The European Union Plans New Regulations on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

The European Union (EU) is searching new ways to regulate cryptocurrencies. Some EU legislators have been working in order to impose tighter controls on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. The intention is to fight terrorism, tax avoidance and organised crime by regulating the market.

John Kumi by Dec 18, 2017

American Agency (CFTC) Proposes To Regulate Bitcoin Due to Its Fast Growth

The regulation of Bitcoin to keep pace with its fast growth has been very frequent recently. Countries such as Iran and Belarus have monitored and analyzed its growth, expecting their next move to be a regulation of the cryptocurrency. The latest development of bitcoin regulation is an American agency considering its regulation. The move was […]

John Kumi by Dec 18, 2017

$22 Million Worth of Bitcoin Was Given Out to Fidelity By Donors In 2017

2017 seems to be the best year for Bitcoin acceptability and functionality. Bitcoin users have put it into diverse use beyond imagination. They have assigned functions to it ranging from payment of bills to regulating it to balance a country’s revenue. An airline recently accepted Bitcoin as a payment option. Bitcoin has found another interesting […]

Ellis Amoako-Agyei by Dec 17, 2017

There Is Enough Reason To Regulate Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency market is booming all of a sudden. It looks to cross $600 billion, it is all over the news, you keep hearing of blockchains every now and then, and you just can’t end a day without someone mentioning Bitcoin. Well yes, the crypto market owes much of its success to bitcoin – the […]

Carlos Terenzi by Dec 17, 2017

Venezuelan Citizens Adopt Bitcoin as Daily Currency

Venezuela is living hard moments due to its political and economical situation. The country has the highest inflation on earth and politicians are being imprisoned by the communist regime. People mines bitcoin and Ethereum, but the situation is becoming every single day more dangerous. The Police has strict orders not to allow cryptocurrency mining in the country.

Kofi Ansah by Dec 16, 2017

North Korean Hacker Group at the Center of Alleged Bitcoin Credentials Theft

The recent surge in prices of cryptocurrencies in the global market has led to interest from potential investors as well as open doors for more cybercrime attacks. The interest in Bitcoin just keeps growing bigger and bigger and this was after the cryptocurrency recorded some jaw breaking increase in its value over the past few […]