Ian Karamanov by Jul 26, 2018

Binance Ready to Enter South Korean Market

Binance is getting ready to enter the South Korean markets. The Chinese giant will offer security and competitiveness to the markets.

Avatar by Jun 12, 2018

Bitcoin Trader Takes On The Market’s Volatilty In Recent Turn Of Events

Bitcoin has had historic runs several times even to the point of $19.5 k. But these kind of peaks are mostly temporary, just as the dips in value. And people who are not so well versed in the rhythms of the cryptocurrency world would be easily disappointed with such occurrences as they mostly look for gains within a short term with their hit and run investments

Avatar by Jun 6, 2018

Will Binance investment in tokenizing Esports bring widespread adoption

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, Binance will invest in a chiliZ, a sports and Esports organization Mediarex Group. The Binance investment will go towards developing Esports blockchain applications. Binance will collaborate with chiliZ to create a token ecosystem for sports and Esports teams…

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