Avatar by Feb 8, 2018

Mario Draghi ECB: European Union Financial Institutions May Hold Positions in Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies experienced a rapid surge during the last weeks of 2017. Since then, the market has lost around 60% of its value. But according to Mario Draghi, Financial Institutions in the European Union may start holding Bitcoin positions. Banks could be interested in investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies after the gains that they had during the last year.

Avatar by Nov 18, 2017

Morgan Stanley CEO Believes Bitcoin is Just a Speculative Asset

James P. Gorman, Morgan Stanley Chief Executive Officer, believes that Bitcoin does not deserve any attention. In this way, the CEO becomes part of the group of bankers that are against Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Avatar by Nov 17, 2017

Ponzi Scheme or Scare Tactic?

We all knew that there would be Bitcoin critics throughout traditional financial sectors. In fact, there have always been critics. However, Bitcoin is gaining so much momentum and market value that the haters are coming out of the woodwork; and in the immortal words of Biggie Smalls, “More money, more problems.” David Gledhill is the […]

Avatar by Nov 5, 2017

Credit Suisse CEO Believes Bitcoin is a Bubble

Credit Suisse Group AG CEO, Tidjane Thiam, said that Bitcoin is the “very definition of a bubble”. It is not the first nor the last banker that says that Bitcoin is a bubble and that it will explode. Today, Bitcoin surpassed $7400 dollars for the first time.

Avatar by Oct 19, 2017

Mike Novogratz, Bitcoin investor, called Jamie Dimon a “Rent-Taker”

The former principal and macro fund manager at FIG (Fortress Investment Group), Mike Novogratz, has commented that Jamie Dimon is a ‘rent-taker’ and will lose the fight against Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies.

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