Avatar by Jun 4, 2019

Major Crypto Project Developed by 14 of the Biggest Banks

Big banks throwing money at a major crypto project would seem like a laughable idea even during the bull run back in 2017. Nowadays however, it seems that

Ian Karamanov by May 1, 2019

Killing Bitcoin Will Backfire Against the Governments

Killing bitcoin will definitely not have the result most governments would want. The more corrupt and dysfunctional a monetary policy is, the more

Ian Karamanov by Apr 5, 2019

Global Debt Destroying the Economy: Bitcoin to the Rescue

For the last 20 years, global debt has been growing at an alarming rate. The alarms are already going off, but no one seems to notice before it becomes

Ian Karamanov by Mar 27, 2019

Apple Credit Card Will be the Beginning of the End for Banks

The Apple credit card might not be something out of this world, but its very concept has the potential to drastically alter our current banking system.

Avatar by Mar 26, 2019

New Apartment, New Responsibilities and New Ways to Make Money

There is much hassle in having your own new apartment. After all the partying is over, you find yourself worrying over the increasing financial troubles

Ian Karamanov by Feb 27, 2019

Julius Baer to Allow Clients Access to Cryptocurrencies

More and more traditional financial institutions are opening their doors to cryptocurrencies. Julius Baer is one of the most respected and well-known