Carlos Terenzi by Jul 19, 2018

Argentinian Central Bank Wants to Learn About Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

It seems that the Argentinian Central Bank (BCRA) is very enthusiastic on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology and wants to learn about them. According to an open call to book suppliers in Argentina, the BCRA may be interested in learning about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 19, 2018

The Federal Reserve on Cryptocurrency and Money Laundering

The Federal Reserve has always been strongly against cryptocurrency and other innovative prospects which offer a way out of debt slavery.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 11, 2018

Mainstream Cryptocurrency. The Possibilities and Obstacles Ahead

Cryptocurrency going mainstream has been a largely discussed topic. Experts and investors alike differ in their opinions about the eventual outcome.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 10, 2018

ICBC, Largest Bank in the World to Adopt Blockchain Technology

The largest bank in the world ICBC, is looking to adopt blockchain technology to improve international and interbank transactions.

Ian Karamanov by Jul 6, 2018

Hypocrisy and Insolence by Banks Regarding Cryptocurrencies

Banking hypocrisy is something everyone has heard of or experienced. When it comes to endless money printing and hypocrisy, BIS takes the crown.

Peio Purlev by Jul 4, 2018

Indian Supreme Court: Crypto Ban will stay. What does it mean for India?

The Supreme Court in India decided against lifting the ban on banking services for cryptocurren exchanges and investors. Not only Indian exchanges can’t use the services, but also Indian investors that…