Carlos Terenzi by Jun 20, 2018

Spanish Banking Group Develops Blockchain Platform to Identify Clients

A consortium of Spanish banks called Nuron, announced that it is developing a blockchain platforms to identify and register clients. The information has been provided by Europea Press on June the 18th.

Steve Kaaru by Jun 19, 2018

Western Union CEO Not Impressed By Ripple

Ripple is designed to move money across borders in a fast and cheap way. Many banks have adopted its blockchain platforms and have been using the technology to make client transfers easy, fast and cheap. However, Western Union CEO says that Ripple’s product xRapid, which uses XRP, has not made it cheaper. Western Union has […]

Ian Karamanov by Jun 12, 2018

The possibilities for cryptocurrencies in the event of a market crash

The market crash has investors sweating buckets. With cryptocurrencies in the game now, the rules have changed dramatically.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 11, 2018

International payments can and will benefit greatly from Blockchain

International payments are a slow and hard process for all the parties involved. Blockchain technology promises to remove some of the key issues, that are slowing down the outdated system.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 5, 2018

The inside war on Bitcoin

The banks and globalists see Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a form of profit, but mainly as an enemy. Free market and anything related to freedom has always been an enemy of the bankers and globalists. Their endless war on freedom in all its forms continues without rest.

Ian Karamanov by Jun 4, 2018

Cryptocurrencies in the upcoming financial collapse

Governments and banks will never change their ways until we unite and get rid of this system, which only enforces debt, slavery and economic inequality. In the face of the upcoming financial collapse, we must stay together, stronger and smarter than before.