by Oct 31, 2019

Digital Euro is Requested by the German Bankenverband

After Libra’s regulatory stuggles, China is set to release it’s own digital currency and threatens a monopoly. A digital euro is proposed by the German

by Sep 4, 2019

German Cabinet Working With Deutsche Bundesbank on CBDCs

The German Cabinet is working closely with Deutsche Bundesbank and the development of CBDCs. At the end of last month, the Cabinet published officla

by Aug 22, 2019

PBoC and its New Currency Can Take Business From Chinese Giants

The PBoC and it’s newly state-issued digital currency could potentially take business away from local giants. Currently, Alipay and WeChat Pay have an

by Aug 22, 2019

World Bank Raises $33 million for Kangaroo Bond Only Via DLT

According to the World Bank, the entire operation behind the fund raising for the Kangaroo bond, which is due in August 2020, has been completed entirely

by Aug 19, 2019

Quonic: Crypto-Friendly Bank Is Open to Crypto Companies

The New York City bank Quonic is one of the few banks in the United States with a positive attitude towards cryptocurrencies. The bank has now also begun doing

by Jun 4, 2019

Major Crypto Project Developed by 14 of the Biggest Banks

Big banks throwing money at a major crypto project would seem like a laughable idea even during the bull run back in 2017. Nowadays however, it seems that

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