Altcoin News

Altcoin News

Altcoin news: Altcoins are essentialy all other cryptocurrencies, except Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the original cryptocurrency, so all others are alternative tokens or altcoins. More than 95% of altcoins are tokens and not coins, but that’s a different discussion. Ethereum is also an altcoin, but it’s too special and it deserves a category of its own. With nearly 2000 cryptocurrencies, altcoin projects are very different and very similar from each other. With the introduction of Ethereum and its features, developers started to easily issue their own projects, starting the Initial Coin Offering boom of 2017.
Every altcoin project has set out to improve on the original Satoshi Nakamoto cryptocurrency concept. A lot of altcoins are superior to Bitcoin in many ways, each trying to improve certain cryptocurrency flaws. Altcoins are the developers’ way of innovating, creating new applications and possibilities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and pushing the limits further and further. Although there are many scams out there, altcoins have a vital role in the main plan – Mass Adoption!

by Oct 25, 2019

Twitter Will Never Have Anything to do with Libra – Jack Dorsey

It seems that the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, is avoiding Facebook’s stablecoin project like the pleague. According to him, there is absolutely no way for

by Oct 23, 2019

Blockchain Association Has a New Member – Ripple

Ripple has now become the newest member of the Blockchain Association. Additionally, three new experts are joining the Ripple global regulatory team

by Oct 4, 2019

Altcoin Facts: How Many are There and What is the End Goal

Altcoins are slowly becoming more and more popular. That being said, there are many altcoin facts which the everyday person doesn’t really know and even

by Aug 30, 2019

Bitcoin Facts: Altcoins, Opinions and the Way Towards Progress

Bitcoin has now existed for a little more than a decade. There are countless bitcoin facts, but most of them seem to be common knowledge.

by Aug 23, 2019

Yuan-backed Stablecoin Soon to be Issued by Tether

Tether is reporedly working on a yuan-backed stablecoin. This project will reportedly be launched in the very near future under the CHT ticker.

by May 20, 2019

XEM Has Made its Way Into the Top 20 with a 55% Surge

NEM has found itself among the top 20 cryptocurrencies. Even though bitcoin’s bull run slowed down, NEM scored significant gains in just under 6 days

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