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Cashila Testing

This is our first test on Cashila. Cashila is a payment processor which enables secure, fast and low-cost money transfers. With them, you are able to securely convert Bitcoins into euros and euros into Bitcoins. They refer themselves as the bridge between
Bitcoin and Euro.

Cashila - Picture

Advantages at Cashila

There are some advantages by using cashila for your payment processing platform:

  • Receive payments at your Bank-Account in Euro or Bitcoin.
  • Keep Funds in the Euro Wallet.
  • Pay your everyday bills.
  • Transfer euros to any bank account.
  • Buy bitcoin fast.
  • Try to provide the best BTC/EUR price possible.

Referral Program: Cashila

What is also awesome, is that they offer a referral program. For every friend that creates a Cashila account over your invitation: you and they will be rewarded with zero fees on the next 500 EUR you transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide: Doing a Transaction on Cashila

Today, on the 13th of July 2016, we successfully made a transaction over Cashila! Here is the step-by-step process in pictures:

Selecting the Payment way at Cashila

First, you need to choose if you want to make a transfer to a Bank Account or to a Bitcoin Wallet. For our test, we choose Bank Account.

Pay Bill or send Money via Cashila

And type in the amount you want to transfer over Cashila. In our case, it was 0.421 BTC.

Recipients Informations for the Cashila Transfer

The last information that Cashila needs is the info about the recipient. International Bank Account Number (IBAN), Name and Address. Type the “destination” of the money and click ‘Next’.

Recipients information on Cashila

Review Payment Infos – Cashila

In this final step, you just need to review the payment information and send the requested amount to their Bitcoin Wallet.

Payment Confirmation at Cashila

And this is it. You are finished! It took us less than 5 minutes to transfer our Bitcoin to a bank account. A fee of 1% was charged, which is not much, but still more than for example Selling Bitcoin on Bitwala (0.5% Fee). Still, we grade the Cashila service offering as GREAT!

Here the link to their page.

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