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Cardano blockchain 1.4

On its first anniversary celebration of its token, IOHK is releasing a project toolbox that will allow the network’s users to easily program for the blockchain platform. The research and blockchain firm that is responsible for the emergence of the Cardano Ada token, created by Charles Hoskinson, is planning on releasing an open source project of is which will see the Cardano technology become open for third-party developers – something not so very common in the crypto sphere.

Cardano Rust, as the project will be known will be the developer’s toolkit in the building of multiple apps for Cardano’s blockchain. The announcement indicates Rust will enable developers by providing them with a whole array of creative tools that give one the freedom to toy with the Cardano blockchain’s core so as to build decentralized apps (Dapps) for the network.

The release of Rust marks the first anniversary of the network’s release of its Ada Cardano as mentioned earlier along with its public blockchain. Proceedings of the anniversary were marked by an opening event held in Tokyo by Emurgo (Cardano’s actual venture builders). The CEOs of Emurgo and IOHK, Ken Kodama and Charles Hoskinson respectively, made presentations on the vision of their firms and the directions and targets of the firm for the coming years – much like Apple’s routine keynote every September.

Cardano Project Rust

Hello Developers, I Am Rust – Your Pass To Cardano DApps

Rust will seek to open up the blockchain network to a lot more developers, incentivising them to develop more apps to facilitate real world uses of the blockchain and eventually enable adoption by the masses. The project will enable developers to build Cardano-based apps for even mobile devices, all in a bid to enable widespread adoption. With a basic programming language as Rust, there will also be support for the very common languages like Javascript and C.

The earliest of products to be released within the project was the Yoroi wallet meant for the Ada crypto token. With a stand-alone command-line interface, the wallet functions almost as a separate unit on its own not necessarily on the main-net to make the app faster and also lighter in size. The director of Education at IOHK, Lars Brünjes, mentioned during the event

“We are pleased and excited to announce the release of the Cardano Rust project. Rust-Cardano is an API for the Cardano blockchain, written in Rust, the Cardano-CLI is a command-line interface and wallet for Cardano built on top of this library. With these tools in hand, it will be easy for developers to write software targeting the Cardano infrastructure for many different platforms – including mobile – and we can’t wait to see all the amazing things the community will create with them.”

Hoskinson also speakin gon the matter of the new project at the Tokyo event said

“It’s been incredible to watch Cardano take shape over the past year. The Rust project now connects Cardano to a wealth of developers and opens the door for further growth of the Cardano community. We’re excited to see what applications developers create for the Cardano ecosystem as it becomes the leading technology in the industry.”

The concern of many people was as to whether the new project, Rust, will not be a detour from the main objective of blockchain, and expose the network with developers now being able to have much access into the network. On this matter one analyst writes

“Rust project operates in tandem with the Cardano settlement layer, which is written in the Haskell programming language, a rigorous programming language used for mission-critical applications and protocols…. is a lightweight, portable, and fast programming language, that is compatible with web, iOS, and Android platforms and popular with third-party developers…with plans to expand the programming languages offered, to include languages such C and Javascript.” Ricahrd Harris

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