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Cardano’s research manager, Mario Larangiera, today had a meeting with representatives from Brazil to discuss integration and adoption of the Cardano network into the Brazil ecosystem. The meeting was between Cardano’s research manager and the president of Brazil’s National Council for Scientific Research and Technological Development in Brazil’s embassy in the city of Tokyo, Japan.

cardano shelley project and brazillian partnership

Cardano is one of the biggest cryptocurrencies in the world today at a price of $0.074 per token. ADA Cardano’s technical team has been very much proactive in getting the platform to be accepted among various companies and institutions.

The parent company, IOHK founded by Charles Hoskinson, has been head over heels in getting their distributed ledger-driven product mainstream within the next couple of years. The Cardano blockchain was created back in 2015 by IOHK. The company seeks to use peer-to-peer technologies to meet needs within the financial sector and beyond.

Cardano’s research manager tweeted before the meeting

Meeting with Mario Borges the president of the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNDq) in the Brazilian Embassy in Tokyo. In Japan but thinking about the future of Brazil.”

Cardano has been very strategic over the past months in its partnerships as it looks set to be a leader in providing financial services with blockchain technology across the globe. It partnered with the Ethiopian government in a bid to have its blockchain technology used to track coffee production in the country. These partnerships with countries may be the network’s own way of grounding feet in these economies and giving them an upper hand in being integrated with businesses within these regions.


The partnership will include Cardano offering training to local developers in Brazil and facilitating growth of science and technological development within the country. Most projections have pitted Brazil as one of the regions to need blockchain technology in very great quantities in the future. If all these projections are to be taken with a reasonable amount of seriousness then Cardano making efforts to ground itself in Brazil is a really good move for both the blockchain network and Brazil.

Cardano’s project Shelley too has been very much the talk of the week since a member of Cardano’s Science and Engineering team uploaded a video on Tuesday giving an update on the project’s progress as a highly decentralized and self-administrating Cardano project. Liz Bancroft Turner explained

For incentives, this is about encouraging stakeholders to follow the protocol and assure that the system runs smoothly for delegation this is about allowing users to hand over their right to sign blocks to a third party and for networking it’s about enabling the infrastructure to support decentralization”

The project she said, was in three phases or parts; the test execution strategy, the test management, and the test strategy. The last, she mentioned was the way tests on the project were meant to be carried out the moment testing begun. The execution was meant to be how on these tests were eventually completed.

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