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cardano to track coffee supply chain

With blockchain overtaking the very technology (cryptocurrencies) which made it popular, which it deserves to do, it appears to have absolutely no bounds as to what it can do or be used for. More so, blockchain is gradually gaining grounds in an uncharacteristically not explored area – the African market. Sooner than later we are going to be seeing blockchain being used to manage the coffee production in the African country of Ethiopia. Ethereum co-founder and aggressive blockchain enthusiast, Charles Hoskinson, wants to help save the Ethiopian coffee industry with the Cardano blockchain. He has so far put his pen to a memorandum of understanding which will see to this vision of his come to fruition.

Cardano Is Targeting The Least Explored Markets

Ethiopia is looking to build its agricultural sector into an agri-tech system where the country now progresses from traditional farming methods into more advanced methods. The project now is for Hoskinson’s Cardano to find means of making its unique blockchain platform efficient and useful to Ethiopia’s coffee supply.

The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture’s choice of blockchain platform is a bit creepy. You could see it as an opportunity for both Cardano to firmly establish itself a stable project and for the ministry to pioneer a project with a rather unfamiliar platform. This is because ADA token of Cardano hasn’t had much of approval in the cryptocurrency market even though it sits at number six for coins by market capital according to CoinMarketCap.

It could also be that popular blockchain platforms like that of Ethereum may be too occupied already for a project which evidently is going to be very long term. Hence opting for another blockchain which is relatively not used much and with enough capacity to spare before scaling issues kick in may be the best option for the Ethiopian agricultural sector.

Charles Hoskinson TEDx talk on Cardano

Hoskinson’s team will be using the Cardano blockchain to track mainly the supply chain of coffee (one of Ethiopia’s largest natural produces) to help avoid smuggling and corruption. Along the like of this partnership Hoskinson plans to start teaching and training other developers to use the Cardano blockchain for much more effective supply chain managements and integration into several other businesses.

Cardano plans on taking over the whole of Arica in its long term plan, starting with Ethiopia and then to the next country. All of them being done one step at a time. However, we can’t also sent the fact that the realisation of this goal depends also to a reasonable extent, the success of this Ethiopian Coffee mission.

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