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So you have bought in a specific Initial Coin Offering, but the tokens never appeared? Well, don’t panic! This is a common problem and you simply need to add a custom ERC20 Token. If you don’t know what an ICO is, then this article is probably not for you.

How to enable custom ERC20 Tokens after an ICO?

This step-by-step guide will showcase how to activate and activate a custom token to your MyEtherWallet. This will be an instruction for this specific online-wallet, since it is the most commonly used one.

1. Go to your wallet

Start your Ethereum wallet. Under the ‘Token Balances’ field, you should be able to see all your erc20 tokens; if not, press on “Add Custom Token”!


How-to-add-a-custom-erc20-token - Copy

In example for us the nametoken ico investment is missing!

2. Press on Add Custom Token

So just press on Add Custom Token, below the Token Balances. Now you need to input Address, Token Symbol and Decimals.

3. Input the right Data

So now you just need to know what to input. It’s very easy.

  • Address = Address of the Smart Contract (equivalent to the address where you send ETH to buy the token)
  • Token Symbol = The short/list name of the token
  • Decimals = How many numbers after the 0. In the standard smart contracts they have 0 decimals.
    Update (28.09.2017): Decimals needs to be set correctly, and is not that often 0. Let us take the HydroMiner Smart Contract (https://etherscan.io/address/0xFeeD1a53bd53FFE453D265FC6E70dD85f8e993b6#readContract). You just need to find the “decimals” parameter and input it here. In this example, it is 18.

Here is what we input for Nametoken:


And the cryptotokens appeared:


4. Don’t know which tokens you’ve bought?

Don’t worry, if you have invested in tons of different ICOs like us, just go to https://ethplorer.io/ and input your wallet address! You will easily see all the tokens you have ever bought!


There is an easy way to enable and track your ERC20 tokens.
We hope this article helped you, if there are any other questions, don’t hesitate to comment below. If you want to find out more interesting crowdsales, then you should probably head to our ico list.

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