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Health is wealth. While this is an oft-repeated and highly cliched adage, its importance can never be overstated. As industrialization takes a toll on countries across the world, so does its subsequent effects that result in the rise of chronic, or “lifestyle”, diseases. At the same time, there are fewer doctors and nurses than there have been over the years. And no one has the time to queue for diagnosis in our very fast-paced world.
Even after close to two decades inside the 21st century, the world is faced with health issues that should have been solved years, even decades, earlier.
Over one billion of the world’s population does not have the access to basic healthcare. We can also imagine the number of people who need specialised care but cannot get it.
More than 36 million people die each year of non-communicable or chronic diseases, such as heart diseases, lung diseases, complications of diabetes and cancer. Communicable, yet easily treatable, diseases like tuberculosis and pneumococcal infections claim in excess of six million lives each year.
This calls for a crying need of a better, more intelligent, global healthcare system. We need to look outside the box to create a medical ecosystem that is driven by technological advancements.

The necessary shift from healthcare to self-care

As the world moves towards the mass adoption of technology, we now have options that were unavailable to us before. However, the onus is on us, to use these opportunities to create innovative solutions for long-standing problems.
Imagine having all the world’s greatest doctors at your disposal. Now imagine receiving medical services that are pivoted by both blockchain and IoT. That is the reality the team behind Stem Cell Project wants to create. As opposed to doing away with the current medical system, what their proposed solution does is expand the breadth of the system while complementing the services that are currently being offered.
Using cutting edge technology like AI and blockchain, the Stem Cell Project aims to create a Virtual Clinic that will build a digital network of affiliated medical institutions and bring patients closer to them without actually visiting one.
The Stem Cell team will develop an AI-enabled and blockchain-powered system that will help in remote diagnosis. Patients will be able to upload their pathological and diagnostic images that will be available to the entire network of hospitals and clinics. This will help in accurate and faster care as well as make the obtained data accessible for further analysis.
Virtual Clinic’s AI Personal Doctors promise to be more efficient than our ordinary doctors because of an AI diagnostic system powered by big data and blockchain. The AI Personal Doctor will also utilize revolutionary sensing technologies to provide accurate diagnosis. This will surely cut down the workload of the already lessened medical staff and help them cater to other pressing matters.
The ambitious team also focuses on stem cell therapy. It aims to spend resources on making regenerative medicine affordable and easy to use. And to create a repository, a “Cell Bank”, to store stem cells of individuals. Healthy stem cells from the bank will be used when the “owner” requires them for treating an injury or a chronic condition.
The project will also have a unit dedicated to the pharmaceuticalization of stem cells. This unit will focus on clinical research and its development in order to create stem cell-based formulations that will bring ordinary patients closer to this revolutionary therapy by easing access to it.
The Stem Cell Project team consists of stalwarts of the medical fraternity that have worked in the field of medicine for many years. The project is headed by Takayuki Matsuo, who has years of experience in the development and the distribution of the smallest wireless digital electrocardiograph in the world, among other very important innovations.
Eight years ago, Takayuki Matsuo was introduced to the world of stem cell therapy and soon realised its limitless possibilities. Since then, he dedicated himself to building a project, backed by an equally passionate and reputable team, that will bring innovative healthcare and regenerative medicine to every person who needs it.

Parting thoughts

An intelligent healthcare system is the one that treats the entire global population as one in a bid to use multiple data points to create a strategy in order to tackle the scourges of humanity, diseases like cancer. We have to rely on technology to create a vast network that will bridge the yawning gap between healthcare access and the people of the world.
Technological innovations like AI and blockchain have proven to have the capabilities to transform the way we think of medical services and to bring affordable healthcare to everyone through “selfcare.”
The dream of a healthy global population in times of a stressful and challenging environment will become a reality. Such a scenario can be a major boost for the world’s economy as we start spending on making lives better rather than spending money on healthcare.
For more information on the project, please visit the official website and read the white paper. Join the community on Telegram to keep up with the latest news on Stem Cell Project.


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