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Bustabit has been around for quite some time now. For anyone who has ever played Bustabit, you know the game. Pick a bust point and hope you get out before it busts. Fairly simple, straight forward and easy to understand. However, there have been some major changes to Bustabit with the newest update, including a change of ownership, no bonus system and a new feel to the whole Bustabit experience.

For those who have not yet graced Bustabit with their presence, you will find a fun, gut-wrenching wagering game that is sure to have you busting your own bits soon enough. It is an addicting game that draws you in and keeps you going, hoping for that big payout. It is not only addicting, and highly entertaining, but it is also very educational when it comes to discovering one’s own emotions, limits and expectations. It provides a wonderful way to kill time as well as a wonderful chance to win big in line your pockets.

Bustabit Major Changes

Besides the expected interface look and feel changes that came with the Bustabit update, they also made some significant changes to the way Bustabit operates. To begin, and the most notable change is the elimination of the Bonus system. In the previous version of Bustabit, the payers closest to the Bust point would receive a bonus on top of their profit. Bustabit, citing a lack of user interest, decided to completely remove the bonus system from the game. So, now you win your profit only.

Another significant change is the addition of the bankroll option, which we will get into later in this article, but it allows players to help bankroll the site and if the site wins, you win. This is an investment and like all investments there are risks. Improved automatic betting features and an improved interface give Bustabit a facelift to round out the major changes to the site.

You may notice in your statistics a section for free bits. This was for when they had their faucet active. As of the most recent update, the faucet has been removed but that should not be a deterrent to anyone as the faucet only paid out one bit every five minutes and only if you had less than one bit in your balance. So, no major loss there.


Bustabit Basics

Understanding Bustabit and how it works is fairly simple. In Bustabit, you bet Bits. 1 bit equals 100 Satoshis. There is a running counter that starts at 1.00 and runs until it stops. The upper limit is infinity, so it can run as high as humanly possible. However, runs of over 1,000 are rare. The game is a game where you bet on where the counter will bust. Your goal is to be under that number. The bust point, or the number that the counter finally stops at is also your bet multiplier. So, if you bet 20 bits and bet that the crash point was going to be at least 1.25, you would make a 5-bit profit as long as it does not crash below 1.25.

So, your pick of bust point will multiply your bet. If the counter busts, or crashes, before your bust point, you lose your bet. As stated, it is fairly simple to get. The house does have an edge, obviously, as any online wagering platform does. There is a 51% chance that the counter will crash below 2.00 and the chance of winning over 2 drops off significantly as you climb higher than 2.00.

Setting your bust point at 3 will give you a 33% chance of winning. Set it at 4 and you drop to a 24.75% chance of winning. 5 will give you a 19.8% chance of winning. Set it to 10 and you only have a 9.9% chance of winning. You get the idea. Each roll is totally random and the game is provably fair. They provide the hash for each and every roll of the counter and it is made available immediately upon the end of the roll.

While the object is to increase your money by at least two times, cashing out under two will yield you a profit as well. Cash out at 1.25 and you can multiply your bet times .25, meaning that a bet of 20 would show you a prophet of five bits. The reason you do not want to continually set your multiplier under two is because while you can gain those five bits, a single loss loses you your initial 20 bit bet. This means that you must win four times in a row to replace the 20 bits you lost in a single bet. This is why is it always best to wager an amount with a cash out higher than two.

Bustabit Betting Methods

Manual Betting requires you to hit the bet button on every single roll. You choose a crash point, or your Payout level, choose the amount of your wager and hit the bet button. You can cash out at any time before it busts by hitting the red button. The red button will show you how much total buts you will get if you hit the button. If you do not hit the button, then the counter will run and if it doesn’t crash before the amount you put in your payout field, then it will automatically cash you out at that point.

For example: if you choose 2.21 as your payout point, then the game will automatically cash you out, giving you your winnings as soon as the counter hits 2.21. if it crashes before then, well, you lose your bet and have to hit the bet button again.

You can set your cash out point at any number between. 1.01 and infinity. Setting a high bust point can be rewarding, but if it doesn’t get there, you will lose your bits. This is where the fun and excitement of Bustabit comes into play. Setting that number, placing your bet and watching the counter, praying it makes it there. When it does, you get a severe feeling of satisfaction, but when it crashes, you feel the pang of regret that you didn’t hit the button sooner. Of course, the flip-side to this, is when you hit the cash out button and when you’re bet and then watch the multiplier soar over 100. Then all you can think is how much you might’ve had, had you just waited and not hit the button. A truly exciting game to say the least.


Bustabit Automatic Betting

Bustabit also offers automatic betting. Whether you are a programmer and can write the JavaScript code or not, they have a solution for you that will allow you to utilize their auto-betting system to make it a bit easier to wager. By setting the Bustabit auto betting system to handle your wagers and bust points, you are able to take the emotional factor out of the wagering process, helping you to avoid mistakes in judgement that could cost you a lot of bits. Bustabit offers several pre-built options that are available for those who do not know how to code or who prefer a simple and easy to use, cookie-cutter solution to their wagering needs.

The reason to use an automated script to bet on Bustabit is because it is a fact that human emotions will cause you to either cash out to early or too late over 70% of the time, making it impossible for you to realize a profit. The automated script, runs all by itself, based upon parameters that you set in advance and no matter what happens, it executes as per the instructions that you give it. This will help to minimize the risks. There is more further on in this article about different strategies that you can implement into Bustabit.

Bustabit Built-in Automated Options

There are several built-in automatic betting scripts that allow a user to just fill in their parameters and then hit “run”. The automated script will take it from there. It is an easy to use interface that anyone can figure out and makes the game a bit more profitable. In any automated wagering method, you can always hit the cash out button to cash out and take your profit before the game busts.

Bustabit Flat bet

The flat bet built-in script is pretty straight forward, and as the name suggests, you pick your bet mount and cash out point and away you go. The script bets the same amount every game and cashes out at the same point. This is good for those who are going to sit and monitor, making the cash out button an option still.


Bustabit Sniper

The sniper built-in automated betting option is a unique wagering feature exclusive to Bustabit. It allows you to set your maximum wager amount and then type in the name of another player. The script will automatically match their bet or your maximum bet, whichever is larger and then it will cash you out immediately after the player you chose cashes out. You can click on any players name and it will allow you to see their overall profit stats and per game performance over the past 75 games. If you see someone on an uptrend and they have good profit numbers, you simply snipe them and follow their cash out numbers in a hope that you can benefit from their success on Bustabit.

Bustabit Martingale

The Martingale betting strategy is probably the most famous of all betting strategies, no matter what type of gambling you are into. It works like this: Pick your cash out point. Pick your wager. If it fails, you increase your wager for the next round. You increase your wager enough so that when you do finally win, your profit is greater than all of your previous losing bets combined. This ensures that you are never losing and only gaining.

In theory this sounds perfect and fail safe. However, in the strategies section below, we will discuss the risks with this method. The script is built-in to Bustabit, allowing the player to simply enter their wager amount, cash out point and what to do on a win or loss and how much to increase.

Bustabit Payout Martingale

The payout Martingale works just like the regular martingale built-in script except that it is your cash out point that you change on a win or loss and not your wagering amount. This can be safer and limit losses for you on those times that the counter crashes under 2 for very long runs.

Bustabit Custom Scripting

For those of you who are versed in JavaScript and can write your own code, they have a built-in sandbox that allows you to insert your code and execute it on the site. So, for your specialized betting strategy scripts and tweaks you would like to make to the built-in scripts, you can implement this technique to help improve your chances of winning big on Bustabit.


Bustabit Cashier

When you want to wager on Bustabit, you will first have to deposit some Bitcoin into your account. By clicking on the cashier link at the top of the page, you will be able to copy your Bitcoin deposit wallet address so you can send yourself some Bitcoins. They do allow you to actually get the deposit amount immediately after sending instead of waiting for the required confirmations. They charge a 1% fee for this service, however.

Your deposit will appear after a couple of confirmations and you can begin wagering. The cashier is also where you head to if you want to withdraw any amount of your balance. There is a 25-bit withdrawal fee for immediate withdrawals. You can choose not to have an immediate withdrawal for free but those withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to process.

Bustabit Bankroll

The Bustabit Bankroll allows users to invest into the site. When the site wins, you win a portion of the profits. When the site loses, in turn, you lose a portion of the investment that you made. The bankroll option allows you to play both sides of the game, if you wish. The minimum amount that can be invested is 0.01 BTC and they charge a nominal fee on your investment to encourage you to leave your investment on their site for longer periods of time.  The options within the bankroll section also allow you to choose if your investment is stored on the site or offline and they provide tons of resources and information to help you understand the differences and the complete ins and outs of investing with them. You can learn more about the Bustabit bankroll Here.


Bustabit Statistics

The statistics link on Bustabit will show you the general website stats, as well as your own personal stats. You can see the total number of registered users on the site, the total number of bets that have been placed, what the current bankroll is, how much total has been wagered all time, and then since the update, how much has been returned to players, the amount of profit investors have made as a whole and the total commission the site has earned. These stats are all in real-time and you can see them updating with each and every roll the game makes.

To see your own game stats, simply click on your username in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Here, you will be able to see a lot of information, including an account overview which shows you your total amount of deposits, withdrawals, free bits received (from when they had a faucet), tips you have received from other players, tips you have sent to other players, your bankroll investments and total game profit. The stats tab in your account section will show you wagering information, including a chart that shows each result of the past 75 games or so.

You can also change your password and enable two factor authentication on your account from within this section of the website.

Bustabit Social

Bustabit does have a chat and you can choose from a lot of different languages. The chat allows you to talk to other players who are online, as well as tip other players if you wish. As with any online chatting system, you need to be wary of links that others post. The old adages holds true here, “If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.” So be careful before clicking links or believing things people tell you. However, overall, the chat platform on Bustabit is a positive experience that makes the game social, as well as fun.


Bustabit Strategies

There are as many strategies for playing Bustabit as there are Bustabit players. Everyone has their own little technique, trick or system for winning the most that they can. Some work well, others do not work at all, but the one thing that holds true for all of them is that there is no guaranteed way to win all the time and a losing streak can wipe you out very quickly.

Speaking back to the Martingale strategy that we spoke of earlier, while it seems that it is a failsafe way to earn a profit every time, there are situations where the Martingale strategy could leave you broke. For example, if you are betting 20 bits with the Cash Out of 2.00, and multiplying your bits 2x on each loss and the game decided to crash under 20 times in a row, (which while rare, is quite possible), the number of bits you would lose would equal 5,242,880. That is a total of 5.2 Bitcoin. So even with a strategy that seems to be failsafe, you still need to be prepared for the risks involved.

This holds true for every single strategy that you could possibly implement while wagering in any scenario. Strategies that actually work are not guaranteed to work constantly, all the time. It is up to you as the gambler to monitor the progress of your strategies and know when to take a loss, start over, or just walk away.

By simply searching on YouTube or even just Google, you can find a plethora of different strategies available for Bustabit for free. I highly discourage paying anyone for their personal strategy because of this simple fact.

Bustabit Conclusion

In the end, Bustabit can be a fun and exciting way to earn some money by wagering your bits against the counter. With a little self-restraint and common sense, you can enjoy yourself while realizing a profit at the same time. However, even if you throw common sense out the window, it can still be a really fun and great time, as long as you can afford to lose what you wagered. Of course, as any seasoned gambler will tell you, you should never wager more than you can afford to lose in the first place.

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