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A Bulgarian University is set to be the first tertiary learning institution to introduce Bitcoin bursary.

While Bitcoin’s spiritual home rests with the IT enthusiasts, its ascension into the conventional financial world has done a lot to its value. IT experts in various spheres spend time ruminating over Blockchain, Bitcoin, and all aspects of cryptocurrency. That said, Varna University of Management in Bulgaria plans to officially award scholarships in Bitcoin to ten software engineering students in 2018. This will be an equivalent of one thousand Euros per semester. Once implemented, the students will have the option of taking the scholarship in either Bitcoin or in Euros.

The tip of an iceberg

All the same, it seems like the tip of an iceberg. In addition to the planned scholarships, the University is working on the arrangements to accept Bitcoin as the chief method of payment for tuition fees. For software engineering students, the University will introduce new modules in Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

Rising from humble beginnings

The introduction of Bitcoin bursary at the University stems from the growing community of cryptocurrency fanatics at the institution. A series of seminars on the subject of cryptocurrency gave birth to the scheme of Bitcoin bursaries and inventive courses on Blockchain technology.

According to Omer Ilyasli, the digital marketing manager at the university, the student community is at the advanced stage of Blockchain development.

Mr. Ilyasli said:

“At our School of Computer Science, we have number of students who are working on Blockchain technology. We have quite a community here and we host seminars from time to time. The decision to offer Bitcoin scholarship came after a “Introduction to Blockchain Technology” seminar.”

Besides, Mr. Ilyasli maintains that the introduction of the Bitcoin bursary program is just the beginning of new good things to come. Eventually, the institution could become a revered educational hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

“We think pioneers in this field will be hugely rewarded, so we want to be pioneers, both individuals, our organization and our country. That is why we also urged Bulgarian government and local authorities in Varna to turn Varna into a hub. We still did not get an answer from the authorities yet.” Mr. Ilyasli said.

A world-class Learning Hub

With the hope of Bitcoin scholarship and the subsequent courses in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, Varna University of Management aims to attract some of the most brilliant young minds across the globe. The Bulgarian institution offers various courses in management and computer studies including Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, software, and hospitality. It also offers an MBA program.

According to Mr. Ilyasli, optimistic students hoping to secure scholarship opportunities at the institution will have to meet standard entrance requirements.

“The selection process will be done by academic committee and they will select the students considering their interest in the subject and technology, and extra-curricular activities. But, first of all, all candidates should cover minimum entry requirements, such as high school grades and English-proficiency.”

As Bitcoin continues to gain popularity across various quarters around the globe, the case of the Bulgarian university is just one of the marvels of the world’s fastest-growing digital currency.


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