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Rofex Argentina

There are different cities all over the world that are very cryptocurrency friendly. But the surprising thing is that there are two Latin American capitals in the top 10, Buenos Aires and Bogotá.

Buenos Aires and Bogotá Represent Latin America

The top 10 list of crypto-friendly cities around the world are: Prague, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Madrid, New York City, Amsterdam, Bogotá, Vancouver, London and Paris.

We have been used to hear that crypto-development is mainly located in Europe, Asia and North America. But Buenos Aires, Bogotá, Sao Paulo and Caracas are also very involved in the cryptocurrency world.

As per the report, Buenos Aires is the leader in the region, which is very active in the cryptocurrency market. There are several shops that accept virtual currencies and Bitcoin, and it has important enterprises such as Bitex or SatoshiTango.

Additionally, it seems that countries with higher inflation and economic problems tend to trust more in the benefits related to Bitcoin. Argentina has had very high inflation rates, making it difficult or impossible to Argentinian to save money in local currency. Furthermore, there is a very important market for Bitcoin, properties can be sell and bought for BTC and there is an important community in the country.

Laura Shin, former Forbes staffer said that people in countries such as the United States, do not see the point in using virtual currencies. Why? Because it is simply not necessary.

Colombia has also been in the news. It has an important number of developers that are helping the crypto market to grow and that work day after day to improve current services. There are some enterprises that are offering a better infrastructure for crypto users.

Madrid, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Paris and New York have also an important number of start-ups. However, there are some cities that could be added to the list for their importance. We can mention Johannesburg, Tokyo, Seoul, Berlin or Zug, among many others.

Cryptocurrency businesses are increasing all over the world due to a rapid adoption of virtual currencies. Once cryptocurrencies get regulated, the space will grow even faster. New cities will arise thanks to blockchain technology and virtual currencies and more companies and governments will respect these new assets.

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