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Account Savings: BSave

Here you will find the most important aspects of the BSaveBitcoin Savings Account like the bitcoin interest rate, minimum deposit and since when they are monitored. Also you will be able to check what they offer in addition to their savings account and how their platform looks once you are signed in.

We especially like their slogan: Better BSave Than Sorry

Paying Status: PAYING
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Interest rate:
1,59 %

Min. deposit:
0.0025 BTC

Payouts: DAILY
Withdrawal: MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Added: 13.05.2016Monitored: 2957 daysLast Payment Receipt:
More information (Profile, Pricing, News) about this Cloud Minining Service

BSAVE | Bitcoin Savings

BSAVE is a unique service that allows you to immediately profit from your dormant bitcoin. It takes just seconds to transfer your bitcoin from your wallet to your BSAVE saving account and you will immediately begin to receive daily interest payments.

BSAVE saving account guarantees full liquidity. You can withdraw your funds at any time without financial penalties. We use sophisticated algorithms to calculate your payments based upon the amount and duration of your deposit.

You will be automatically credited your daily interest in your BSave account at the end of each 24 Hours period.

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BSave: How their page looks and works

After seeing all the raw data about the BSave savings account, we wanted also to showcase their member area and comment on it. After an fast and simple registration you are able to log in, this is what you are going to see:

BSave Front Page - v2


In the big panel you can see the value of your Saving Account, in our case it’s 1.000342 BTC. Also, you see the current buy price of one Bitcoin and the value of your savings account in USD. You can always change the currency you want everything calculated in.

Below the big panel you can view the latest operations, in our case it’s the daily earned interest of about 34bits.

On the side you can see the panel, which showcases the total interest earned, last interest earned, average daily return and expected yearly return.

BSave Savings Account

You can easily depost or withdraw, by clicking the buttons on the big panel. Pretty simple.


In summary, BSave offers a simple savings account with daily returns. It offers no special services, like the trading option possible on Magnr. It’s nice that you can withdraw your funds at any time without financial penalties.They offer unique returns, depending on the duration and size of the deposit – yet we don’t exactly know the formula of those calculations. We have already asked for the exact formula!

They most likely take our saved bitcoins and lend it at higher percentages to the loan margin market (i.e traders borrowing).

End of the day, BSave offers a clean and simple savings account, which is nice to have as a second savings account.

Further Information on BTC Savings Accounts

If you want some more detailed info on BTC Savings Accounts, then check out our info page here: Bitcoin Savings Accounts. For sure you will learn something. The Info-Page also contains a listing of all monitored Account Savings provider.

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I think in Bsave savings account is a good and safe because they are paying a very real interest rates.

Victor Defor

Bsave is just the best savings account ever

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