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BRIM products

Brimhall Foods has just struck a partnership deal with Surge Holdings. The deal will have BRIM products delivered through a blockchain-based system.

Brimhall Foods was established way back in 1979. Since then, it’s easily been one of the most famous manufacturers and distributors of snack type foods.

Terry Brimhall, the CEO of Brimhall Foods stated: “We have recently managed to complete the expansion of our facilities. Since then, we’re focused on growing our distribution.”

The first BRIM products will be available soon

Initially, 15 BRIM products will be offered through the SurgePays blockchain network. When asked why he chose Surge Holdings, Brimhall explained:

“Their SurgePays platform is very efficient. It will provide us with the perfect opportunity to expand our retail distribution worldwide. The network will provide us with easy access to tens of thousands of additional retail locations. If we were to acquire the mentioned access in the “traditional” way, we would have to spend millions on expanding our distribution network and direct sales force.”

Surge Holdings offers the use of its blockchain to many retailers. They mostly use the system to purchase products from companies who are already partnered with Surge in some way. Basically, Surge Holdings tends to be a sort of “virtual distribution center” that offers a quick and reliable access to global products.

This is one of the main reasons that Surge decided to partner up with Brimhall. Brian Cox, the CEO of Surge holdings stated:

“BRIM products are easily one of the most iconic food products in the Southeast over the last 30 or so years. This is why we are honored to launch the first 15 BRIM products in the Bagged Snacks Category of the SurgePays network.”

According to the announcement, the offering of BRIM products via the network will provide countless benefits to convenience stores and corner markets. They will have a quick access to a very wide range of high-quality products that will be easy to order and restock via the SurgePays network.

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