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Blockstream, a leading provider of blockchain technologies, has revealed their second Lightning app (LApp) called Lightning Publisher for WordPress. The company’s second new LApp was announced on March 23rd and is meant to test the company’s new micropayment processing system for Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, the Lightning Charge.

The Lightning Publisher for WordPress is the second LApp that utilizes Lightning Charge. FileBazaar is the first and they both give creators of digital content to independently make money for their content. The Lightning Network is becoming more popular with over 2000 channels actively operating. It reduces Bitcoin fees so much, that it allows for cheap micropayments. Untill the Lightning network is implemented completly, read this article if you want to know how to save on Bitcoin increasing fees.

Though the Lightning network has only been available on Bitcoin’s main net since the end of 2017, this revolutionary protocol is gathering the interest of many investors and can revolutionize the online landscape. It was reported that Lightning Labs have received 2.5$ million in seed funding from investors, including Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The company also announced their first Lightning beta release, the Lightning Daemon.

Blockstream’s Lightning Charge and FileBazaar

Lightning Charge is Blockstream’s new micropayment processing system for the Lightning Network. It allows developers to create Lightning Apps with ease to test Blockstream’s c-lightning implementation of the Lightning Network protocol. Since releasing the Lightning Charge, the company has added LApps for the Elements Project for developers who wish to start experimenting with the c-lightning implementation.

Also including WooCommerce Lightning Gateway, a general webcommerce solution released earlier this year and FileBazaar, an e-commerce tool for content creators that is a pay-per-view application. FileBazaar is the first LApp ever and it allows creators of digital content like videos, photos or documents to use FileBazaar app to enable micropayments. It gives content creators the ability to call their own shots, setting the prices, listing files and identifying their Lightning Change server in simple configuration files.

The introduction of the LApp will bring a change in the dynamics of the industry. FileBazaar gives viewers samples of the digital content before it offers them access to the rest for a Lightning micropayment to the creator’s Lightning Charge server. In the past, creators were dependent on advertising revenues through advertising platforms. Now creators will be able to operate their business independently, giving them control and a direct line of communication with customers, using blockchain technology. It also gives consumers the opportunity to buy digital content quicker and easier.

Lightning Publisher allows you to monetize your blog

The Lightning Publisher for WordPress is a plug-in that will allow for everyone to become their own publisher. This is done by allowing individuals to collect payments in the form of Bitcoin by sharing their content on a WordPress System. Like FileBazaar, Lightning Publisher for WordPress gives content creators more opportunities to be their own independent boss and to break away from the constraints of traditional advertising-based web revenue.

Conducting business with WordPress will be simplified with the help of blockchain technology. Readers will also have more control. They can buy articles, documents, blog contents and study material when they chose with quick micropayments. Readers are able to view an article, then they can chose to access the full content by making a Lightning micropayment. These micropayments will be sent to the digital creator’s Lightning Charge server.

How to install and set up your Lightning Publisher

To install the LApp follow the steps:

  • Setup your Lightning Charge.
  • Download the LApp
  • Install and enable the plugin on your WordPress installation.
  • Under the WordPress administration panel go to Settings->Lightning Publisher to configure your Lightning Charge server URL and API token.

Note that Lightning Publisher uses the Lightning Charge’s built-in checkout page as iframe, meaning that the Lightning Charge server has to be publicly accessible to users. If users need to access it using a different URL than the one used for communication with the API then set this under “Public URL” in the settings page.

Add [ifpaid Amount CURRENCY] in the place where the paid part of the article starts. All text that is written before the mark will be available as a preview to everyone. The text after will only be available to patrons.

For example [ifpaid 0.0005 USD] or [ifpaid 0.00000005 BTC] . All the currencies on BitcoinAverage are supported. BTC amounts can have up to 11 decimal places (milli-satoshi precision).

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