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While most people know Blockchain as the digital ledger that makes crypto transactions possible, the truth is that this little piece of technology has a far greater potential, and may hold the power to transform entire industries. It’s a classic example of technology moving faster than our ability to adapt to it. Experts predict a wide array of new Blockchain applications will soon revolutionize every corner of the tech world.
It’s hard to overstate the value of an open-sourced, fully distributed database with secure cryptography and what it could mean for cyber-security. For example, the technology to pilot fully autonomous vehicles on public roads has been perfected, refined, and ready for consumers for years now. However, there has been one fly in the ointment – security. How could you, or anyone else, put trust in a vehicle knowing that a rogue hacker could run you off the highway at any moment?
As the full capabilities of Blockchain emerge, it will likely reveal itself to be the secret ingredient to the future of self-driving cars. It’s predicted that ten million driverless cars will be on US streets in just a few years, and Blockchain will probably be very closely involved with all of them. The following infographic from Auto Accessories Garage illustrates some interesting facts and figures involving the rise of the self-driving car and the role that Blockchain will play.


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