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According to Nir Kshetri, a management professor at the North Carolina University, blockchain voting is still not safe. He believes that in order for blockchain voting to be considered safe and trustworthy, many underlying issues must yet be solved.

In the article he published last week, Kshetri reveals that the small-scale tests which have been run so far have revealed many problems and vulnerabilities in the digital systems and government administrative procedures. In order for the technology to be massively adopted, all of these issues must be removed.

According to the report, blockchain voting systems need a way to confirm the voters’ identity. In most cases, they use a face recognition software. This is an issue mainly because contemporary voting tokens are anonymous and cannot be used to trace a voter’s identity. Kshetri also mentioned that many of the previous tests did include informal ballots like community projects and small student government groups.

Blockchain voting has many major flaws

He believes that one of the biggest issues so far is that even blockchain experts have absolutely no way to identify all the irregularities in online voting. As for paper voting, he points out that it’s generally well-understood, and in most countries, easy to verify and audit.

Verification keys also require large amounts of computing power to verify. This was seen in the last Moscow elections as the initially assigned keys proved very easy to hack.

Cybersecurity experts share the concern that voting devices can be easily compromised and facial recognition systems can be easily fooled.

That being said, online voting is still becoming more and more popular every year. Last year, multiple United States election officials allowed military personnel stationed overseas to vote online. West Virginia authorities did also approve of 144 voters living abroad to cast their vote from 31 different countries.

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