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Blockchain VC Firms

The cryptocurrency industry is slowly gaining the attention of big time Investors. There currently are Blockchain VC firms that are operating in the industry and investing in blockchain and crypto projects.

The Crypto Research Fund embarked on a mission to classify and rank the best Blockchain VC firms by a multitude of factors. The research resulted in one of the most accurate and detailed articles on Blockchain VC firms to date.

Factors to rank the best Blockchain VC firms

It is hard to rank all Venture Capital firms, because of the many factors coming into play. From blockchain investment numbers to acquired blockchain assets and time in the industry, the list is kind of long. The results are the top 50 most influential VC companies in the industry.

The study began with over 3000 Blockchain VC firms, before the data was filtered with the numerous factors that come into play. The number was brought down to 127 Blockchain Venture Capital firms that have made at least 3 investments in Blockchain technology. They were ranked according to four categories:

  • Capital Outlay: Estimated cumulative value of venture investments in Blockchain companies
  • Overall Activity: Number of Blockchain investments or funding rounds
  • Recent Activity: Number of Blockchain investments made in the last 12 months (from June 15th, 2017 – to June 15th, 2018)
  • Blockchain Experience: Time since the first investment in Blockchain projects

Each of the 127 Blockchain Venture Capital Firms were ranked in ascending order in each of the above categories, with total scoring being based on the sum of the four ranks. From the 127, 50 were picked as the best Blockchain Venture Capital firms. The factors that bring the most points are:

  • Total number of blockchain investments
  • The level of investment activity in the last 12 months
  • Length of blockchain investment experience
  • Total value of blockchain investments

Statistical information on Blockchain Venture Capital Firms.

Some statistical data on the Venture Capital action that has taken place:

  • Number of Blockchain Deals for the last 12 months: 282
  • Number of Blockchain Deals: 556
  • Average Deal Size:1$ million
  • Average number of Co-Investors: 5
  • Overall Deal Volume:19$ billion
  • Most Common Deal Type: Seed Funding
  • Most Active Blockchain Investor: Digital Currency Group
  • Percentage of Investing Exclusively in Blockchain/Crypto assets: 34%

You can visit their site in the link below, to see a variety of graphs, charts and resources that will help you visualize the statistical data for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Venture Capital firms. Also, the Crypto Fund Research article shows you detailed information about every Venture Capital firm that managed to make it to the list.

From the 50 Best Blockchain Venture Capital firms, 36% or 18 firms are investing exclusively into digital assets. Out of the 50, 35 are based in the United States, 3 are in Germany and 8 are in Hong Kong. So, 70% of the best Venture Capital firms that are investing in digital assets are in the United States, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Americans are very interested in future, innovative and fin-tech technologies.

The Crypto Research Fund made previously a great research on the best cities for US Blockchain Jobs with incredible details. We have written about it before, so if you want to read more there will be links below.

Top 10 best Blockchain Venture Capital Investment Firms

The list is long and I don’t want to go in too much details, because the Crypto Research Fund have made an outstanding job in detailing everything you need to know, so I highly recommend you to check out the research – it will be in the links below.

  1. Digital Currency Group: 78$ million total investments in 58 Blockchain projects; They invested in Circle, Basis, Ledger and more.
  2. Pantera Capital: 65$ million total investments in 31 Blockchain projects; They invested in Circle, Basis, DMarket, Harbor.
  3. Blockchain Capital: 71$ million total investments in 37 Blockchain projects; They invested in Circle, Blockstream, Coinbase, Ripple.
  4. Andreessen Horowitz: 55$ million total investments in 14 Blockchain projects; They invested in Coinbase, Harbor, Basis, DFINITY.
  5. Node Capital: 22$ million total investments in 22 Blockchain projects; They invested in Huobi, Trip.io, Foundation, Delphy.
  6. Boost VC: 67$ million total investments in 32 Blockchain projects; They invested in Ledger, Coinbase, Tezos, BlockCypher
  7. IDG Capital: 31$ million total investments in 8 Blockchain projects; They invested in Ripple, Circle, imToken, Mars Finance
  8. Draper Associates: 25$ million total investments in 17 Blockchain projects; They invested in Coinbase, Ledger, CryptoMove, Factom
  9. Ceyuan Ventures: 36$ million total investments in 6 Blockchain projects; They invested in okCoin, Mars Finance, Trip.io, Basis
  10. Lightspeed Venture Partners: 24$ million total investments in 6 Blockchain projects; They invested in BTCC, Basis, Saga Foundation, Blockchain Inc.

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