Cryptocurrencies are firmly integrated into the online gambling industry today. The widespread introduction of electronic peer-to-peer payment systems in this area started a couple of years ago, and before that there were only a small number of gambling services that used them. This is due to the fact that the work of such services is greatly burdened by using the traditional banking system. Unlike it, cryptocurrencies as a digital means of payment do not require personal data submission, allow payments to be made much faster, do not limit the transaction amount, significantly reduce the lower payment threshold.

Many professionals in this field, including the owners of large gambling services, predict that cryptocurrencies will completely absorb the online gambling industry in the near future. This is due to the fact that, in addition to the above features, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology weaken the regulators` impact. They make their role less relevant for gambling services, freeing them from the impact of various government decrees, including those that block payment systems.

The advantages of cryptocurrencies for the gambling industry are obvious, so more and more major players in this market are beginning to consider the use of this digital means of payment within their services on a permanent and mandatory rather than optional basis. Such a trend has led to the emergence of various projects in this area. Mostly these were the ICO projects entering the market with another idea that requires financing through the sale of tokens, most of which did not even reach placement on the exchanges. And the projects themselves had nothing behind them, not even a working product. But all this in no way relates to the AzartPay project, whose creators have really implemented something new for this industry.

AzartPay project description

The first thing that is important to note is that this is not an ICO project. The creators did not hold any crowdsale or the token sale. Moreover, their cryptocurrency called Azart is not a token, but a coin with the possibility of mining and masternodes, which is already actively traded on several exchanges. Thus, the founders fully and independently fund the project, they are engaged in its development and constantly update the product, posting all the latest news on their pages in social networks. The official AzartPay website presents a road map, after studying which it becomes clear that the developers carry out all the work on the project in strict accordance with the declared action plan.

If we talk about what the AzartPay project creators are implementing, it is a decentralized platform on an independent blockchain with its own Azart cryptocurrency with an open API for the gambling services intergration. It is worth noting that there are only a few projects in this area that use blockchain technology. But it will be this technology that will make the gambling process more open and honest. The AzartPay platform provides an opportunity to apply the features of blockchain technology in gambling.

AzartPay will attract the attention of many existing services and players in the industry. There is a condition for the platform’s partner services to reduce or cancel the commission charged from players at each bet – “House Edge”. The creators seek to reduce the advantage of gambling services over gamblers within the AzartPay platform. In this way, they are planning to attract a large number of players to their partners` gambling services. Favorable terms of cooperation, in turn, will interest gambling services to connect to the platform. For these purposes, a special “System of Motivation of Partners and Users” has been developed. It will be implemented with the help of a network of masternodes. This system will serve as an additional incentive to use the AzartPay platform by both users and partner services.

Azart cryptocurrency: features and opportunities

As noted above, the Azart cryptocurrency will be used for the payments and bets within the AzartPay platform. It is important that Azart is not a token, but a coin on the X11 algorithm, which can be purchased on one of the exchanges where it is traded (CryptoBridge, Stocks Exchange, CREX24), or it can be mined. Besides, anyone who have 10,000 coins can install the masternode and get income from its work. Azart masternode statistics is available on the MNO service website. Thus, purchasing the Azart cryptocurrency, users will not only be able to use the platform’s partner services, but also to earn on mining and masternodes.

The exchange rate and trading volumes of the Azart cryptocurrency have increased several times over the past few weeks. The number of miners and holders of the Azart masternodes is increasing every day. In October this year, the project team is planning to connect the first crypto-casinos, as well as continues to develop own gambling service, which will be launched in early 2019. You can learn all the details about the project plans and current news from the Discord and Telegram communities, or by subscribing to the official Twitter of the AzartPay project.

We`d like to separately note that the project creators have recently launched a very conservative, but interesting bounty campaign. Yes, they have not allocated a great number of coins for these purposes. At the same time, the Azart coin has long been traded on exchanges and has its value, which increases every day due to the project popularization. This is what differs it from many ICO projects allocating a lot of tokens for these purposes, which subsequently have no value or do not get to the exchanges at all. Join the AzartPay community now and you can get the Azart coins for the support of the project from your active accounts in social networks by taking part in the bounty campaign.

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