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Adaptation is always key to success. It’s completely normal that when blockchain tech started really heating up, a lot of top-tier Silicon Valley talent began to “migrate”. To many experts’ surprise, despite the harsh market conditions this trend hasn’t slowed down one bit.

For the majority of people, leaving a job at a company like Facebook, Google, Amazon or Netflix would be career suicide. Leaving such a huge company leaves behind security, financial gains and leaves a huge gap of uncertainty. Here is a list of people, who decided to leave the corporate giants and try their luck with the emerging blockchain tech.

Ripple’s senior vice president for business and corporate development, Kahina van Dyke has a lot of experiences with payments at major companies. She not only worked in Facebook, but spend over 2 years working on payment systems in Menlo Park. She was also working with MasterCard and Citibank. Earlier this year, she entered the distributed ledger industry.

On the ripple blog, she shared her reasons for entering the industry.

According to Van Dyke, Ripple is the perfect combination of technology and business strategy that will seek to remove the friction people around the globe face when trying to move money.

Blockchain Tech is looking promising to experts of all fields

Leo Chen spend 4 years at Amazon Web Services. He left the company to begin working at the upcoming consensus platform, Harmony. Way back in 2012 Chen became an early adopter of bitcoin and managed to win quite a bit of money. Due to family issues, he was unable to follow the crypto scene for a while. He later found etherem, which provoked his interest and he sat down with Harmony’s founder Stephen Tse.

Chen says everyone using the Internet are using AWS indirectly. He believes that the architecture learned and the experience gained at AWS will help him build a high-performance and secure blockchain for everyone to enjoy.

Alok Kothari is another specialist who left a huge company to join Harmony, He worked at Apple for 3 years and joined Harmony in June this year. Kothari is a machine learning specialist and he was engaged with Apple’s voice assistant Siri. Even though he enjoyed the project, he was looking for something of his own for quite some time.

He thinks the factors aligned perfectly when he came a co-founder of Harmony. His entrepreneurial journey met him with the right people at the right time. Kothari is sure that blockchain has the potential to change the world. He believes that it’s able to unleash all the usefulness of the data created in the world. He also states that if access to data is democratized and decentralized everyone would win.

Alex Feinberg left Google in order to join a security startup called Petram Security. He later became Director of Business Development at OKCoin. Feinberg joined Google because he believed that as long as central banks were printing money, that would result in outsize benefits in the more speculative parts of the economy like tech.

As blockchain tech developments we might see more and more people leaving major corporations. In a few years the blockchain space might have its very own mega-corporation.

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