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The massive hype that blockchain technology has gained over the last year and even to this point is no joke at all. Almost every website you visit now has an ad about some blockchain related stuff. This is partly as a result of it being the underlying technology for most cryptocurrencies. But is that all blockchain is? Just a technology for a digital currency and nothing more? Certainly not. Blockchain operates basically as an incorruptible spreadsheet form database which safely keeps information across various computers across the globe. Toady we take a look at some of the blockchain technology stocks which are publicly listed and may be worth considering as an investor. Note that the list does not follow any positional order.


Atlas Cloud Enterprises (CSE: AKE)

Atlas Cloud Enterprises has its main base in Vancouver and focuses more on cryptocurrency mining. With its total market cap at $95.27 million and shares price at $0.85, the company owns an huge mining facility in Washington’s Electric City. The mining grid as you may call it, is a 6,600 square-foot facility specifically designed for mining cryptocurrencies. Atlas also runs a 1,700 ASIC which it plans to increase to a 2,500 circuit by the half of 2019.

Atlas Cloud Enterprise as a stable blockchain stock even has more plans for expansion in its cryptocurrency mining business as it looks to expand its grid in Electric city to a facility that meets cryptocurrency mining standards after having shut it down on the 15th of March this year.

BLOK Technologies (CSE: BLK)

One of the few companies that also went through the name changing process from Aida Minerals to BLOK Technologies. BLOK Technologies owns its blockchain project called Greenstream which serves as a supply chain manager for the regulation of Canada’s cannabis industry. With its market cap at $10.54 million and its shares at $0.30, BLOK’s Greenstream blockchain works with various dealers in cannabis from online merchants to local dealers, and even government entities (as it is legal in Canada) all in a bid to easily regulate transaction of cannabis using blockchain technology.

DigitalX (ASZ: DCC)

With the price of its shares at AU$0.20 and a market cap of AU$99.57 million, DigitalX is an ICO consultancy and advisory firm that also deals in blockchain consulting and al forms of software developments that re blockchain related.

DigitalX also deals in the handling of cross border payments with the use of its AirPocket mobile package. The cross border payment it runs is in 14 major countries and over about 30,000 different locations within Northern and Southern America. Back in August of 2017 an extension of the firm known as DigitalX Bankera launched its own ICO.

eXe blockchain

eXeBlock Technology (CSE:XBLK)

eXeBlock is a technological firm with its specialties being blockchain consultancy and app development, and custom blockchain development. eXeBlock is one of the few firms that have seen a tremendous growth judging by the fact that its operations only officially begun trading on Canada’s Securities Exchange in November of last year, yet it boasts a market capital $18.11 million and price of shares at $0.30.

eXeBlock has its own decentralised application and has assured the public it will release he coding for it on Peerplays (a blockchain network) after it has undergone some “proficiency tests”.

HIVE Blockchain (TSXV: HIVE)

Many might have heard of HIVE blockchain and may be thinking its been in the system for quite a long time, but that isn’t necessarily the case. HIVE blockchain is a partnership with Genesis Mining that began in 2013 with the goal of becoming a bridge between the now evolving blockchain market and the conventional capital markets there are.

HIVE built its first and also the world’s largest Ether mining facility in Sweden in the middle of November with proceeds from a shutdown $34.5 million deal. The firm later announced in January this year that it had begun its Ethereum mining operations in the Swedish facility, a project that is fully self financed. It also touted a potential increment in GPU mining power by the end of last month, a project whose completion is yet to be made public. The blockchain stock’s market capital sits at approximately $460.95 million and its shares at $1.49.

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