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Blockchain adoption is something extremely important for developing countries. Just recently Bulgaria’s first blockchain steps made it only the third county in the world with a digital ambassador. Only 2 other countries (Denmark and France) have such an official position.

Dr. Plamen Russev was appointed as the first goodwill Ambassador for Digital Affairs of Bulgaria by the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr. Russev is a well-known philanthropist and the current Executive Chairman of the Webit Foundation

Dr. Russev stated: “I am excited to see companies grow in scale and influence. They will inevitably impact more countries and I am looking forward to see which countries will put more effort in their foreign policy to reflect the new possibilities.”

The small Eastern European country is already making many blockchain steps towards adoption. Sofia, the country’s capital was referred to as a Digital Capital by media outlets from around the world. The city was also one of the top 10 in the world when it came to launching a startup. Webit was compared to SXSW, Burning Man and other very well-known tech and innovation events.

Blockchain steps need to be big and decisive

One of the first issues Dr. Russev wanted to look into was the ties between Bulgaria and global tech companies. He also said he will work on growing the tech transfer from and to the country as well as support outsourcing of digital companies. Russev believes that the main areas that companies should invest in, not only in Bulgaria are IoT, AI and Blockchain.

On November 5th, Dr. Russev received the official document by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria in a ceremony held in Sofia. Deputy Minister Stoyanov wasn’t short on praises as he stated:

“The Ministry has the highest praise for Dr. Russev’s activities both nationally and internationally. He is an entrepreneur, pioneer and founder. For nearly 10 years, he has send a clear message to every country and company that Bulgaria is a reliable and safe place to invest in. The promotion of our country as a digital, technological and outsourcing center cannot be placed into better hands.”

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