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Transport is vital in today’s economy that is why incorporating technology brings out the best in this sector. Recently, technology has been used to scale up various industries within many countries. For example, the increasing use of blockchain technology has helped many industries perform exceedingly perfectly. This technology has mostly been used in the operations of the company through proper maintenance and updating of logistics which has helped in revolutionizing the global trade and transport by decentralization of the data to a common chain for access by the entire network of the blockchain.

Albeit this exceptional advantage of the blockchain technology, it is hard for many people to understand the proper working methodology of the technology for positive outcomes. With its tremendous applications in the world today, the transportation industry is one of the core sectors which benefits exceptionally from this technology.

Blockchain technology is a devolved digital shared ledger which uses global peer grid consensus to function. It includes encrypted blocks which are attached to a common public chain. The advantage of this technology is that data cannot be interfered with without changing the common hawser with permission from the public.

Real world application of the blockchain technology is on the horizon

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The various ways in which the blockchain technology can be applied in the transportation sector include;

  1. Freight tracking – Proper tracking of goods which are delivered using vehicles makes it easier to realize higher profits. Blockchain technology has been used to authenticate freight data. Data stored using the blockchain technology is difficult to be interfered with as the entire freight network should be involved be tampering with the transportation data. This proper storage of goods enables proper conservation of the goods before they are shipped or transported.
  2. Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things – With the blockchain technology, it is easier to incorporate the AI and IoT technologies within the transportation sector. These technologies are essentially used in directing the ships and cruisers in the right direction. Also, calculation of available space is possible to ensure that the right amount of goods is packaged for transportation. This enables costly transportation with access to data from the blockchain. The blockchain makes it possible to make direct payments to the transport organizations as the number and price of the goods being transported are known through the blockchain. This helps save money and time making transportation more efficient.
  3. Fleet Tracking – With the application of blockchain in the transport sector, your entire fleet of vehicles can easily be tracked by providing the time, distance and number of trips taken by a certain vehicle. This helps to reduce costs of transportation at the same time-saving time.
  4. Carrier Onboarding – With the use of blockchain technology, it is easy to validate all the details of the people onboard the vehicle/ship and the driver of the vehicle. This helps avoid shoddy drivers at the same time saving on money used in transport.
  5. Load Boarding – With blockchain in use within the transport sector, it is easier to provide verified and recorded loads within the entire network of the blockchain. This makes data to hold a higher level of integrity as well as eliminating brokers who need to authenticate the data for the loads.

In adding to the sundry applications above, blockchain has massive uses in these sectors;

  • Fraud detection
  • Dispute resolution
  • Sensitive information Protection
  • Data management

Lastly, it is more than essential to incorporate blockchain technology in the world today as you are assured of positive returns through revolutionizing the global trade and transport by decentralization of data to a common network with encrypted blocks. High integrity of data is guaranteed with high levels of cost saving in the industry.


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