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The internet has become a thing without which a perception of the   21st Century is absolutely inconceivable. You just can’t picture a 21st Century which is devoid of the internet. What would you do with your computers. How would you Snap, or Facebook or Instagram; just how would you use your phone. The internet is a very necessary tool in this age of massive globalization and societal development. Its use cuts across all sectors and areas of life. But then presently it is not perfect, thus it has its own limitations.

Centralization Makes It Very Much Limited

centralization without blockchainBecause of the centralized nature of the systems of internet service providers, subscribers are mostly worried as to what kind of services they are going to be receiving at any point in time.

Moreover, judging by just how much internet service is being integrated into almost everything in our lives and its demand is continually increasing it is very evident that the present infrastructure for its provision won’t last for long.

Internet service provision is also limited by factors like geographical locations and even population of places.

Well, say hello to IUNGO – the network that wants to save the world by breaching all these barriers. IUNGO seeks to make internet service a lot more and secure by making it decentralized through blockchain technology.

IUNGO Is Introducing A Decentralized Platform

The IUNGO network along with its other partners is seeking to increase the availability of internet service to several areas through blockchain technology. This involves the creation of what they are calling a “decentralized platform” where anyone who has internet connection can serve as ISP to his or her immediate surrounding or community through the utilising of WiFi services.

This initiative is meant to increase the availability of internet service to remote areas and more participation by people in the use of internet. It is the flexibility of blockchain technology which allows “anyone to be anything at any time” is what seems to be being explored by IUNGO.

But then is that all IUNGO has to offer, just more internet service coverage or is there more. The good news is there’s more.

Blockchain Brings The Possibility of Revenue Generationblockchain for revenue generation

This initiative by IUNGO is powered by an Ethereum blockchain token. This gives people who volunteer to be service providers to their community the opportunity of generating some income through payments made with these tokens. What makes this better than most internet service providers for the volunteer is that he or she doesn’t need all the infrastructure used for conventional internet service provision.

The blockchain network is one that is no respecter of geographical bounds, thus coverage wouldn’t be a problem at all. This is what was released per one press report

“The IUNGO platform provides users with powerful web-based service management tools (network abuse prevention, reports, billing, alerts, captive portals, white label branding), marketing tools and also the resident Blockchain protocol ensures increased security within the service. Also, based on the direct peer-to-peer nature of transactions, there becomes a significantly reduced legal liability for corporate “visitor” Internet access.”

Affordable And Convenient Service

All people who will use internet on this IUNGO platform enjoy the possibility of on-the-spot no hassle payments as well as reduced cost for the provision g internet services.

An ICO that has already sold 10 million tokens is being conducted by the IUNGO network. The network reports that it already over 3,000 investors from across all continents.

iungo-mysterium blockchain partnershipThe network is working with other partners like Mysterium to provide more IUNGO hotspots at places like the Vilnius International Airport and even more in London, Taiwan, Dublin and Dubai. It has plans of introducing its first DApp that will provide its users with Voice Protocol Network.

IUNGO’s initiative is definitely going to send disturbing ripples throughout the traditional internet service provision industry in this year but there are no signs of it taking its foot off the gas looking how it has already amassed massive support from the public with almost 5,000 supporters on Telegram. If there is anything blockchain that you ought to keep an eye for in 2018, then its IUNGO.

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