Over the course of the last few years, blockchain jobs have been slowly going up in demand. Many companies and governments have begun hire qualified blockchain professionals. The majority of blockchain industry jobs however, are without a surprise, with the crypto exchanges.

According to a recently published research, over 40% of blockchain professionals work in some way for a crypto exchange.

The research included blockchain professionals from over 158 companies which exclusively dealt in crypto and blockchain. Over 50 of these companies have more than 100 employees with the largest being Bitmain with over 1500 employees, followed by Huobi with 1300.

Following crypto exchanges, the biggest blockchain employers are the companies which produce crypto mining equipment. Mining equipment producers are more employ around 11% of the blockchain specialists.

Blockchain industry jobs will steadily keep growing

Surprisingly enough, a little under 10% work for actual crypto governing foundations like Ripple, TRON, Block.one and IOHK being the largest employers.

Ripple’s head of social impact Ken Weber, recently voiced his concerns about the importance of blockchain education. He mentioned that more and more companies are rapidly expanding their work force with a bigger need for blockchain specialists than ever before.

Weber also highlighted that when it comes to blockchain industry jobs, the demand is exceeding the supply by a mile. The biggest companies and doing whatever they can in order to attract the best blockchain specialists available.

A few months ago, Amazon began recruiting blockchain specialists who would be working on an advertisement blockchain. As many experts suggested, Amazon is completely aware that the advertisement industry is outdated and is most likely hoping to be able to differentiate itself from its biggest competitors in the hands of Google and Facebook.

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