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As cryptocurrencies surge and becoming integral parts of the life of any 21st Century adult, the need for more projects or exchanges that will facilitates the trading of these new age currencies. We have seen the likes of popular ones as Coinbase and Huobi, to mention a few, and I must say that lives of crypto traders would have been miserable without them. But in one thing that is known to exist in the world of business is competition. Competition causes all involved parties to give their maximum best in all circumstances in order t win consumers’ hearts. It is in this spirit of competition that Blockchain, another establishment that provides bitcoin wallets for people is hiring a former google engineer in an attempt to bolster its technical expertise.

Google former engineer (who also worked for Facebook too), Peter Wilson has been hired by the Londoners to be its vice president of engineering. As stated earlier this is move by the firm to strengthen its lines to enable them compete with fairly other wallet providers like Coinbase. The London based firm, Blockchain, shouldn’t be confused with the actual blockchain technology that runs most cryptocurrencies. 

blockchain new officialThe CEO of the firm stated that Peter Wilson was one of the best choices if not the best they could make for a person to fill in his present role, judging by the experience he has in the tech industry.

We always choose to put our customers first and keep our platform up. There will be no flash crashes, halts in trading and so on,” he said.

Coinbase Vs Blockchain Capital

It is undeniable that Coinbase is the most utilised and most popular of all exchanges in the United States currently, with license to work in over twenty different states in the country. Due to its large user base, Coinbase has faced several problems over its rather brief period of existence. The most recent being the overcharging of its customers and issues that had to be resolved with Visa.

Blockchain allows its customers to keep their own cryptographic keys which allows them to manage their own wallets privately, however, Coinbase uses a rather different operational system where they have to have to make the cryptocurrency transactions on behalf of its customers.

Coinbase also has been busy with some recruiting lately, with the addition of Tina Bhatnager to its staff. It appears both parties are all dong their very best to provide the best service for their customers.

Blockchain however gets the upper hand with respect to number of people on its platform or its number of customers. The enterprise has 22million plus users and plans to add about 50 million more. Coinbase only boasts of 10million plus users according to its official website.

As I stated earlier, as they knowledge of cryptocurrencies increases and more people get involved in it, the more there is the need to have more competent exchanges that will meet the demand.


How do you think this action by Blockchain will affect their productivity. Will Coinbase be moved to make similar decisions? Share your thoughts with us on Telegram.


Featured Images courtesy of Coinbase and Geekwire.


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