Human activities since the industrial revolution have contributed to the increase of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and the carbon footprint is ever growing. Now, through a blockchain based company called Poseidon Foundation, the world can look forward to a better world where the emission is better managed through blockchain technology. The city of Liverpool in the U.K has taken the initiative to adopt this technology as it plans to become the first climate-positive city. For this, they are turning to blockchain technology, which although has been proven to have numerous applications, will be a first in climate control.

Blockchain For A Better Tomorrow

Poseidon’s blockchain platform is designed to allow transparency within communities, individuals, and events. The nonprofit foundation’s platform then enables people to reverse the effects of carbon emission through the day to day activities such as planting of trees or just contributing towards positive change. Poseidon plans to launch climate-positive projects around the globe and establish itself as a pioneer in using the blockchain to better the world. The organization that is currently based in Malta now plans to move their offices to Liverpool to better support the city’s mission; to become the worlds first climate-positive city by the end of 2020. The partnership is expected to run for 12 months, in form of a trial run, in which the city council will evaluate the impact and decide on whether to extend the partnership.

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In addition to working with the city of Liverpool, the company is going to work with BAC-Mono, a Liverpool based car manufacturer. Through the partnership, BAC-Mono plans to launch the very first climate-positive car. In an effort to really stamp its message within the city, the nonprofit company will also be going around schools, businesses and public events to educate people on reversing climate change impacts.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, was enthusiastic about the launch as he noted during the launch;

Poseidon’s technology is the first of its kind to truly deliver a solution to governments, businesses and individuals around the world to help reverse the causes of climate change and I am thrilled this agreement will bring this cutting-edge technology to our city.

Laszlo Giricz, Poseidon’s Founder and CEO also asserted the Mayor’s message saying that this partnership would ensure that Liverpool achieves its goal through the most cutting-edge technology. He also added that this was not only going to impact the city of Liverpool but would also go a long way towards helping other cities curb their carbon emission. The CEO urged other cities to adopt the technology and follow the set steps taken by Liverpool.

The positive-climate platform has previously been used by Poseidon to protect over 1,000 trees in just three weeks through a program dubbed ‘carbon credit purchases’. Ben & Jerry’s, an ice cream shop in London allowed customers coming into the shop to support the foundation’s program. Blockchain innovation has been used for many reasons, mostly for financial gains and it’s great that this one time it is being used to bring change to the world through climate change, something that if left unchecked could spell doom for humanity.


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