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Blockchain technology has been growing all over the world exponentially. Several countries and companies have been trying to benefit from distributed ledger technology (DLT).

This time, in Spain, a bill was propose to introduce blockchain technology in public administration. On June the 21st, the parliamentary group conformed by the Popular Party (PP), presented a law that would introduce blockchain technology in the public sphere. The bill will be debated on the European Parliament in the near future.

New Bill on Blockchain Technology

The recommendations made by this law are related to the possible uses of blockchain technology in different fields and sectors. At the same time, the law wants to increase with different measures the number of companies using the technology.

One of the recommendations says:

“Develop blockchain technology in models of public and private collaboration with the intention to improve secondary markets of goods and services to reduce costs, increase productivity and impulse the creation of specialized work.”

Among other things, the law proposes to introduce blockchain in the Spanish public sector with the intention to improve traceability, strength and transparency in the decision making process.

Additionally, the bill wants to facilitate the access to human resources formation in blockchain technology and improve implementation in the public and private sectors.

Until now, there is no information about when these proposals will start to be effective. The project has been created with the intention to present the technology to the public administration and increase adoption.

“Other sectors have found very useful these technological applications to increase security and trust in exchanges, such as the fishing industry (specifically, tuna fishing in Island), the pharmaceutical, the arms’ sector or the technological (for counting votes during elections).

Spain has been trying to impulse the technology since several months. The previous government, guided by Mariano Rajoy, proposed several things to increase the use of this technology in the European country.

European countries have not find an unanimous way to regulate these technologies.


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