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Ripple has recently announced of three new appoints to its global regulatory team. It was also revealed, that Ripple will now officially join the Blockchain Association.

Ripple’s blogpost reveals that 4 new members have joined the global regulatory team based in Washington D.C. – Susan Friedman, Ron Hammond, Michelle Bond and Craig Phillips. Michelle Bond will also take a seat in the board of the Blockchain Association.

The most widely-discussed member to join is definitely Craig Phillips. Before accepting this invitation from Ripple, he served as a Counselor to the Secretary and was working on Executive Order 13772.

This is a presidential executive order which establishes a series of standards. These standards will manage the regulatory actions impacting the financial sector and will also help with the advancement of economic growth.

Ripple has thus decided to give Phillips full freedom and rely on him for advice on strategic regulatory opportunities.\

Membership in the Blockchain Association has many perks

As a lot of people have pointed out, Ripple’s newfound Blockchain Association membership will also allow for a direct contact with many of the regulators and lobbyists working in the space. The Blockchain Association is strictly non-profit and consists almost entirely out of blockchain advocates that seek to promote the adoption of blockchain technology around the world.

Recently, Ripple entered an official partnership with one of the biggest financial services technology company in the world – Finastra.

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