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Longenesis and Neuromation, two largely tech-based firms have teamed up to work on expansion of Blockchain technology. Particularly together with Artificial Intelligence in the health sector to help develop what they are calling a “global marketplace” for data gathered from healthcare.

Founded by Alex Zhavoronkov, PhD, Longenesis is also a marketplace for decentralised medical records. It gives individuals access to medical data for storage as well as monetising it. This data includes all medical history, genetic profiles, results from blood tests all on one Blockchain operating platform. Longenesis was started by Insilico Medicine and BitFury Group back in 2017. The company has its headquarters in Hong Kong.

blockchain partnersNeuromation is a start up based in Estonia in Northern Europe that focuses on the development of computing systems for data synthesis. The firm/platform specialises mostly in Artificial Intelligence (AI), trains its personnel in the field of AI and gives its users the privilege of creating their own datasets and generators. It managed to raise over $65 million according to Coinist during its January Initial Coin Offering and already has very key partnerships with other industry giants like Let’s Enhance and OSA Hybrid Platform.

Scope And Nature Of Partnership

According to the founder of Longenesis, Alex, the partnership is meant to be of a two-sided coin nature.

First, we’ll train the deep neural networks we need processing power and we are looking to repurpose the cryptocurrency mining equipment to do that. Second, to generate synthetic data, we must train on large data sets of real-world data and have balanced and diverse data sets. Neuromation is an obvious consumer of data and can be a part of the marketplace…

The primary aim of Longenesis is to create a global data marketplace that will help provide personalized but at the same time secure data for healthcare application developers. Hence, the missions of Neuromation and Longenesis are perfectly complementary to each other. By announcing this partnership, we are laying the foundation for the future world of individualized healthcare based on AI.”

The partnership is meant to give practitioners in the field of AI in medicinal health access to both the data needed as well as enough technological support needed for training of personnel in the field of AI.

IBM’s Healthcare Rallies Blockchain, has stated that most of the experimenting being done by healthcare practitioners is not just for theoretical knowledge acquisition. But that sooner rather than later, we are going to see Blockchain solutions on a commercial scale.


Share your thoughts with us on how you think blockchain technology can be used to transform the healthcare sector and solve present issues of data recording and distribution via Coinstaker.


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