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The Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize sports betting back in May 2018 has been huge news for many betting companies.
It has been particularly welcome news for BlitzPredict – the Las Vegas-based blockchain platform focused on providing information and tools for sports bettors.
Their main platform is schedule to launch on Monday, June 18, 2018.

What is BlitzPredict, and What Problem Does it Solve?

BlitzPredict is a blockchain-based application that is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to many of the problems that currently exist in the betting industry.
The most exciting feature of this platform is undoubtedly its ability to record predictions on sporting events to the Ethereum blockchain, time-stamped against true market odds, so there will always be a verifiable, public record of everyone’s predictions.
This means that no one will have the ability to hide their record, delete their losses, or lie about the price they got.
This creates a transparent, verifiable record of the success rate of each expert, so users can make more informed betting decisions.

How Can Users Leverage the Platform Throughout the World Cup?

Throughout the World Cup, users can use the BlitzPredict platform to find reliable, transparent, betting advice available for purchase with the XBP token. XBP is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum network and is used to power the blockchain-tracked expert advice to ensure complete transparency when determining wins and losses.
The platform includes blog functionality, an MLB model, and a soccer model that will be available for users to view experts’ predictions and make bets. Their MLB model is off to a 25-8 start for a 76% win percentage out of the gate.
Cryptopia Exchange recently posted a Twitter announcement to inform traders that they will be listing the XBP token on their website. Users will now be able to make deposits, withdrawals, and trade XBP on Cryptopia, Bancor, Idex, and more.

BlitzPredict is Revolutionizing the Sports Betting Market

There is no doubt that the legalization of sports betting in certain US states will dramatically shake up the industry.
With the illegal sports betting market in the US projected to be worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it is clear that there is a tremendous market opportunity for opportunity for betting platforms.
There have even been predictions that some of the world’s largest tech companies could emerge as bookmaking giants that will strive to compete against established international sportsbook operators.
With this massive influx of users there will be a strong demand for content and tools to increase their odds of winning. This could be the prime opportunity for BlitzPredict to make its mark in this space with its unique angle – and the platform is already planning to expand.
Over the coming months, they will also be growing their focus to the eSports market, launching tournaments, and implementing smart contract betting functionality.
You can support this project and access all of its paid features with XBP – their native ERC20 based cryptocurrency. Purchase it at premier cryptocurrency exchanges like Cryptopia, Bancor, and Idex.


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