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Bitwa.la Celebration & Discount Code

If you have missed the latest September 2016 Bitwa.la newsletter, then this post will probably excite you! Bitwa.la offers zero fees on any Bitcoin and Altcoin trades from 19.9.2016 until 26.9.2016 to celebrate reaching 10.000 Users! To save yourself the 0.5% fees, then you just need to enter the bitwala voucher code below.

Celebrating Users

Bitwa.la Promotion Code

The promo code is DANKESCHOEN – meaning THANK YOU in German! Here the link to their webpage.


Why 7 days? Because seven days equal to 10000 minutes! 🙂

Other developments on Bitwa.la

Besides partying and celebrating, the Bitwa.la Team have added some awesome new features on their platform:

  • Bitwala 2.0 – New Platform Look
  • Messenger – Ability to chat and send money to Bitwa.la users
  • Real Time Support – Available Mon-Fri from 9AM-5PM Berlin time
  • Altcoins – Everything you could do with Bitcoin now you can do with Dash, Dogecoin, Ether, Monero, or Ripple
  • Bitwala Wallet – Now you don’t need any external services and platforms

Long step-by-step post on our Bitwa.la Test.

P.S.: We also sold some Bitcoins this week to celebrate with them.

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