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Testing Bitwa.la: 13.07.2016

After already having good results with selling Bitcoin on BITPANDA (former Coinimal), we decided to test out new services and platforms where one can sell his Bitcoins.

Bitwala - Image

Overview: Bitwala

Bitwala is a limited company from Berlin, Germany and uses a SEPA bank transfer usually to cover your liabilities in Europe. No bank account or credit card check required. On Bitwala you can sell (exchange) Bitcoins to the following currencies: EUR, GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK , CZK, PLN, HUF, HRK, USD.

What we love about Bitwa.la is, that they offer a recurring payment feature. This means you can set up to pay your electricity, rent, or phone bill in a single bitcoin transaction.

Bitwala is Fast: they process your bill in one working day. As soon as they receive your Bitcoin payment.

Fees: Bitwala

The fees on Bitwa.la are excellent. They take only 0.5% (minimum 1$), which I think is the best at the moment!

Referral: Bitwala

There is a possibility to get referral benefits. By inviting friends you get the next order for free. This means you save yourself the 0.5% fee.

Selling Bitcoins Step-by-Step on Bitwa.la

For those who are curious how the process looks like, here are some screenshots we took on the 13.7.2016 while selling some of our Bitcoins on Bitwala.

Start the Process

First, you need to register. After that just switch to ‘Pay Bill’. Here you just need to type in the name and IBAN of the recipient.

Pay Bill over Bitwala

Type in the amount

Type in the amount you want to send.
Type in the amount in Bitwala

Confirm and type in the reference if you want to

Personal Reference - Bitwala

Send Bitwala the Bitcoins you want to sell

Send the Bitcoins to Bitwala

Success! You just sold your Bitcoins @ Bitwalla

Instantly after sending the Bitcoins to Bitwa.la, the previous image changed to:

Success - Bitwala recieved the Coins

Easy as that! We were finished in less than 5 minutes. This is why the bitcoin chain is the future of banking and we highly recommend Bitwa.la ! If you are not sure about selling your Bitcoins, then check out our page on What to Buy with Bitcoin!

Here the link to the official Bitwala page.

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