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BitRewards ICO

Our mission is to create the rewards and loyalty platform that will permeate the online retailers of all shapes and sized and connect them with their customers by the virtue of BIT tokens.

ICO Status: Finished

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BitRewards also brings a lot of benefits to the retailers, because they get customers that are more satisfied with the rewards in crypto and become more loyal. A comprehensive loyalty program increases the retailers’ revenue by dozens of percent. The stores are also tapping into the crypto-enthusiasts audience, which is very active and appreciates the attention from the regular businesses. The unique value proposition for the retailers is that BitRewards will offer this valuable and expensive loyalty technology free of charge. They will only have to buy in the open market the BIT tokens to reward their users. The value of such software starts from $200/month, therefore thousands of retailers will be keen to connect to the platform. We can make such a claim, because we operate in the market of rewards and loyalty software for more than 5 years, have more than five hundred clients - online stores and deeply know their needs. BitRewards is compatible with most existing e-commerce systems (Magento, Shopify, WordPress, Ecwid, etc.). It is easy to integrate and has a simple API. Token sale schedule Private pre-sale Start Date: December 25, 2017 Private pre-sale End Date: January 11, 2018 Public pre-sale Start Date: January 12, 2018 Public pre-sale End Date: March 31, 2018 Crowd Sale Start Date: April 01, 2018 Crowd Sale End Date: April 30, 2018 Token Issue Date: May 10, 2018 Liquidity (Exchanger) Smart Contract Launch: May 11, 2018 Major Exchanges Listing: June-July, 2018

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Raised Capital:

Venture Round:
Pre-sale Venture Round

1 BIT = 0.00003472 ETH
ICO token Distribution:

12.00% - Reserve for liquidity 64.00% - Total for sale now 14.00% - Management 3.50% - Advisers 2.00% - Bounty 2.50% - Marketing 2.00% - Contingency

BitRewards ICO

Token Issue Volume up to 2,000,000,000

BIT token allows for the payment of goods and services in partner merchants of the BitRewards system and can also be exchanged for ETH/USD at independent exchanges, or at the BitRewards liquidity contract. Tokens will be offered on a private white list subscription efficient as of 25th of December 2017. How it works 1. Retailers connect to the BitRewards loyalty system by installing the ready-made GIFTD extension or by integrating it with their own loyalty system. 2. This solution rewards customers with BIT for their and their friends’ purchase actions. The module does all the required token processing through the BitRewards platform. 3. The value of BIT may appreciate because of the limited initial issuance of 2 billion tokens and the constantly increasing demand for tokens from the growing number of retailers joining the platform. 4. The probable appreciation of BIT encourages customers to save their tokens instead of redeeming them for purchases thus reducing the number of free-floating tokens.

1) Loyyal 2) Incent Loyalty 3) LoyalCoin 4) PlusCoin
Initial Coin Offering

Initial Coin Offering BitRewards
Pre-sale ICO Launch:
12th of January 2018

Pre-sale ICO Finish:
15th of March 2018

Whitelist Pre-sale Launch:
9th of April 2018

Whitelist Pre-sale Finish:
11th of April 2018

Crowdsale ICO Launch:
12th of April 2018

Crowdsale ICO Finish:
31st of May 2018

ICO Tradable on Exchanges since:
still not tradable

Platform: Ethereum (ERC20 Token)

Offices and Locations of the BitRewards

Team behind BitRewards

Alexander Egorov


Alexander Egorov


15 years in banking, finance and debt issuance, VP for National Reserve Bank (Moscow), serial entrepreneur and investor for 6 years, Alex has an outstanding talent to organize complex processes and manage teams of sharp and bright people, who share his ideas and implement them in useful and beautiful IT products.

Alexander Nevidimov


Alexander Nevidimov


Olympic Programming (5 years), winner of the ACM-ICPC/IOI championships, lead developer for one of the biggest Bitcoin mining pools, Alex has been the CTO of GIFTD for four years, and has more than 12-years experience in backend development (3 years full stack), leading diverse development teams for more than six years.

Vitaly Makarenko


Vitaly Makarenko


Vitaliy has vast experience in corporate processes management and sales, which he gained working on strategic industrial projects with Fortune500 companies. He honed his skills in market analysis and strategy, personnel management, customer development and customer success, which allowed him to accomplish several prominent projects in highly competitive IT solutions market for a total amount of more than $90 million.

Marat Arslanov


Marat Arslanov


Marat is extremely passionate about data-driven marketing and behavioural analytics. These interests perfectly suit the goals of the rewards and loyalty SaaS tools, Marat leads the digital marketing for GIFTD. He is an organic match for the engineer’s team, setting the concrete goals and aspiring to achieve measurable results.

Segey Alisov


Segey Alisov

Head of Design

An amazingly productive designer with over ten years in mobile and web UX and UI, he leads the design and features invention and implementation of apps that are used by more than 10 million users for the major players in airlines, communication, fashion and sports. Sergey headed the design and art for GIFTD and participated in the creation of numerous e-commerce solutions from scratch.


Visit bitrewards.network for more info.


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