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bitpanda global exchange

The Vienna based fintech Bitpanda keeps on growing through good and bad. Before the Bitpanda Global Exchange goes live, the trading platform surpassed the 1 million customer milestone.

Bitpanda is a fintech company from Vienna, Austria that was established in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer.

The organization strongly believes in the innovative potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech.

Bitpanda’s main goal seems to be to tearing down traditional investment barriers and speeding up the evolution of traditional financial assets.

The Bitpanda Global Exchange’s launch will even further increase the growth rate

Nowadays, Bitpanda has above 1 million clients and the team has grown to over 120 members.

Thanks to the PSD2 payment service provider licence, cutting edge security and streamlined client experience, Bitpanda has developed into a mainstream trade platform for both experts and beginners.

Currently, clients have the ability to trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, gold and more than 20 other cryptocurrencies.

Since the launch of the crypto broker platform back in 2014, the Bitpanda has been growing with amazing rates. As the launch of the professional trading platform – the Bitpanda Global Exchange is getting closer, the company eyes at worldwide expansion.

Currently, there is a consistent growth of user registrations. A stunning 90% of the new registrations seem to be coming from Europe.

After the Bitpanda Global Exchange is launched, it’s expected that the percentage of European registrations will be reduced by a large margin.

According to the provided records, the broker platform has a 10-figure yearly trading volume. Bitcoin, Pantos and Ethereum seem to be the most popular assets.

The Bitpanda Android application has over 120 000 downloads. Recently, the app has climbed drastically in the Play Store charts thanks to a huge amount of positive user reviews.

Bitpanda’s CEO Eric Demuth stated:

“We’re eager to have surpassed the 1 million user milestone. Our constant growth is confirmation that we are doing things correctly. Right now, we are in the last phases of setting up the Bitpanda Global Exchange. With our first global-aimed product, we are expecting our growth to increase further. In addition, our clients can expect increasingly innovative products later on.

Bitpanda is as of now amidst their first Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), the BEST IEO, which is currently the best in Europe.

So far, they have raised €28.9 million and the funds will be utilized to further build up the Bitpanda Ecosystem: the broker platform and the Bitpanda Global Exchange, which is scheduled for a release on August 7th.

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