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Bitknock Review

This is a Bitknock Review, in which you can fast see the most important statistics (ROI, price per KH/s, Payouts, Payment methods etc.) for Cloud-Mining Provider Bitknock . Check out this page weekly, to find out what is happening.
Hint: At the moment Bitknock Maintenance Cost are about 30-45% of the Mining Income. To account for this Cost-Percentage, you just need to sum up all the benefits of Cloud Mining – no noise, no heat, no maintenance, no setup of mining machines etc. – then those thirty to fourtyfive percent are more than a good deal!

Paying Status: NOT PAYING
https://bitknock.com/ Bitknock
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Price per GH/s (POWER)
0.001 BTC

Min. mining power:
500 GH/S

Payouts: DAILY
Withdrawal:  MANUALLY

Payment methods:
Test Details
Investment: 0.497 BTC
Hash power: 500 GH/s
Cloud Mining Indicators
Daily ROI: 0.57 %
Days to ROI: 175
Purchase date: 30.12.2015Monitored: 3092 daysLast update: 07.02.2016

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ProductMining Power (GH/s)Price (USD)
POWER Mining Contract100
POWER 500Mining Contract + 400$ in GHS + 20 GH/s Bonus500
POWER 1000Mining Contract + 900$ in GHS + 50 GH/s Bonus1000
POWER 2000Mining Contract + 1900$ in GHS + 250 GH/s Bonus2000
POWER 5000Mining Contract + 4900$ in GHS + 750 GH/s Bonus5000
POWER 10000Mining Contract + 9900$ in GHS + 1500 GH/s Bonus10000

Bitknock Cloud Mining

We offer an opportunity to start mining Bitcoin or Altcoins without buying mining equipment.

Our goal is to provide clients with Bitcoin products and an amazing trading experience. Our expertise in high-end technology and Bitcoin allows us to deliver a first class user experience without compromising on safety or security.

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