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Argentinians will be really happy to hear that now they will be able to trade Argentine Pesos for Bitcoin at the Bitex.la platform. Bitex is one of the most important cryptocurrency firms in the South American continent and has launched an exchange that will allow investors to trade this new BTC/ARS trading pair.

Bitex New BTC/ARS Trading Pair

According to local reports, Bitex will allow its users to buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) for Argentine Pesos (ARS). At the same time, in the near future, the company may soon release a new service in Latin America that will let investors from other countries buy BTC in their local currency.

Bitex has been founded in 2014 and offers different services to cryptocurrency users, merchants and companies in Argentina and other countries in Latin America.

Manuel Beaudroit, Marketing Director at Bitex, commented:

“Today we are a provider of financial services on the bitcoin blockchain.”

Merchants that want to accept Bitcoin in their shops are able to do it using Bitex’s services. In this way, it is possible to pay in Bitcoin. The merchant will be receiving US dollars or local currency. This option is already available in Paraguay, Uruguay, the United States and Chile.

Additionally, the company explained that it will be possible to deposit funds (in USD or ARS), and wait as much as desired to process a transaction.

Using Bitcoin as an international currency, Bitex allows individuals to send and receive money abroad with just a simple transaction in cryptocurrencies.

For example, we can mention that the company has been in charge of processing the first inter-banking transaction between Banco Más Ventas and a Spanish institution. This system aims to replace Swift, the current platform sued for banking transactions that operates all over the world.

Bitcoin is a much faster and advanced option than Swift. Due to the fact that Bitcoin is powered by blockchain technology, transactions can be confirmed approximately in 10 minutes, the fees are relatively low, and allows people to send smaller sums of money.

In the future, Bitex wants to launch other crypto-related services and provide new services in Argentina, Latin America and other countries such as the United States.

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