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Bitcoin XT will not follow the BCH hard fork, which was scheduled for the 15th of May. The developers shared the announcement and discussed their support for big blocks and the participation in the Bitcoin Cash network.

One thing the developers of Bitcoin XT have always supported, was the option for miners to make protocol-level decisions without having to wait for hard forks. Bitcoin Cash however, has routine hard forks as an instrumental part of its development.

Usually hard forks aren’t accompanied by many issues. This time however, Bitcoin XT decided to chart its own path. The developers are by no means advocating a fork to create an entirely new blockchain, like in the case with the original BCH hard fork.

Miners and users who use XT’s software however, are forced to switch to something else. XT developers believe that the choice most users and miners should go with is Bitcoin Unlimited. They also shared their concerns about the fact that regular facts have given Bitcoin ABC far too much control over the decisions of the entire network.

Bitcoin XT has had enough hard forks

This constant stream of hard forks allows a majority implementation to be a gatekeeper as it determines the content of the scheduled hard forks. In reality, this who process is a centralizing force which is not good for the development process.

The Bitcoin XT exodus will probably not be felt too much. There are after all, only 6 nodes in operation at the moment. Bitcoin ABC has approximately 800 nodes and Bitcoin Unlimited has nearly 700.

The developers behind XT are starting to raise awareness about the increasing centralization of Bitcoin Cash. They point out that an inferior governance model is rearing its head and they want to nothing to do with it.

According to the developers, Bitcoin XT will always prefer a model where miners have more control than the developers.

The original developer of Bitcoin XT grew tired of the scaling wars and earned the community’s dislike when he declared that Bitcoin was a failure. He also shared his thoughts on why he would never work in Bitcoin Core development ever again. Keep in mind that he stated all this before bitcoin’s 2017 bull run.

As for Bitcoin Cash, the year could definitely be better. If the concerns of the Bitcoin XT developer team are true, then Bitcoin Cash is in for a bumpy ride.

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